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quiet and waiting.


The last couple of weeks or so I’ve been quiet…life has been quiet. But no worries, because I think soon, it’s going to be not-so-quiet ;) We’re expecting baby #2 (he has a name I promise…still deciding on a middle name…but he has a name!) a few weeks from now. When I went to the doctor today, it looks like he is ready to go. This could mean he could come in a week, or 3 weeks! Who knows, but the dr. thinks he’ll be here before my due date. We are excited though, and anxious! I cannot express how thankful I am that a new season is beginning. Not only in my life but that spring will be here soon as well. (I feel a-change-a-comin’!) My life feels like it is in total transition right now so I am going to just soak in these last couple weeks of quietness, of no picture-taking, no meeting-attending, and extra rest while I can.

Much love!