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to be an influence.

This past weekend I spent some time in Indianapolis at the Influence Conference. What an encouraging time with some beautiful people! This was my second year going and I was excited to be a community leader this year. It was such a nice weekend away, but I must say it’s nice to be home :)

Iphone pictures that I may have stole ;) One is my sweet friend Kristin and I and the other was taken during my workshop!

(Oh, and a little something while I was there…)

If you are ‘the light of the world, a city on a hill’…you are meant to be seen. You are meant to shine- that is the purpose. God never said to stay hidden away, kept in a secret place. No, He has called us to shine- to be bright and to be bold for His namesake. If we are living in Him and if our life is hidden in Christ, than we have the power to be an influence. We have the power in Christ to shine bright for Him. Not for our glory….not for our name, but totally and completely to bring Him glory. Isn’t that our purpose? Isn’t that why we are called to influence? It’s all about Him.

Staying hidden and not being bold will get you no where. It doesn’t bring glory to Christ. Sure, you don’t have to work very hard to stay where you are at. You won’t have to step outside of your comfort zone. But you also won’t be putting Christ on display. You are an influence to others more than you know- be a light for Him.


So glad we got to eat breakfast together but wish we would have had more time to hang out! Love these photos and love your words. It’s definitely a push to put myself out there and not hide in the corner, but it is so worth it. Thankful for you!

I love this! I am not very good at being bold, but what a good reminder! I love the last paragraph!

Yes! Be a light, be bold! I went to your photography workshop having never visited your blog before, but now that I’ve seen it, I have to agree with the others, your work does look magazine-worthy and better! Gorgeous!

Arielle, I’m so bummed we didn’t get to chat this year! We’ll have to change that next year for sure!

I love your thoughts from the conference. I think so often we’re afraid to be bold in our strengths, and like Lara challenged us with Marianne Williamson’s words, who are we not to be talented and successful in just the ways God intended us to be? I don’t want to stand back and find I wasn’t bold where He was urging me to move for His glory!

Arielle I hate that we didn’t get the chance to reconnect this year! I was planning to attend your workshop and got sick instead :( You are just a beautiful soul and I’m glad I at least got to be in the same place and experience God alongside you and the others :) Till next year ;)

My first day finding your blog and your last three sentences broke into my {feeling less than} heart…nearly ready to give up blogging once again, these words brought encouragement.

Loved your workshop and loved meeting you! Your kind and gentle spirit is so beautiful.

I just want to thank you again for meeting up with me at the conference! It was soo great to meet you in real life! You are just as lovely in person as all of your fabulous pictures show. :) It was a huge blessing to be able to join you for dinner the first night. I loved meeting some of your great friends too. Thanks again so much. I look forward to continuing to follow along with you!

Oh, I’m so glad I could spend time with you there! It was such a great weekend. Thank you, again, for letting me crash in your room!!! That was a HUGE blessing. You’re the best. Love being your friend!! xoxo <3

Hi! I found you through the link-up and just wanted to say that I appreciate this reminder that we shouldn’t be ashamed of “shining” when we know we are shining for Christ. I have gotten told some hurtful things by people I love dearly and they have dimmed my light at times. They say I write my blog for attention, or speak at conferences because I want to be seen. I don’t think any other words have hurt me more. This all may be the most selfless thing I do throughout the day. Of course, writing gives me a release and allows me to be even more connected with Christ, but it’s never just because I want praise. Or at least I hope not. If that is ever my motive I pray God reveals it to me because I want this to be all of about Him.

I couldn’t attend the conference this year due to scheduling conflicts, but I pray I can make it one day. :-)


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