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little building blocks.

leland has learned to really grab and hold on to things (a-hem, especially my hair…) jay’s mom gave us a whole bag of building blocks the other day that are itty bitty and leland loves them! he’s also learning to sort of scoot…he doesn’t get very far but one day soon he’ll be crawling.

anywho, how was your weekend?  we had such a busy, busy one and i wasn’t home much at all. i’m thankful that monday is here. probably going to head to the gym in a bit and just spend time with leland today. hope your day is beautiful!



that moses basket is cute.
And so are those tiny hands on the blocks :)

my weekend…. got to take the kids on their long awaited bycle ride and finally posted that tutorial i couldn´t seem to get done…where I mention you!!!!! have a beautiful week! Clau

Goodness, those blocks are so itty bitty! Leland is too cute :)

Leland is beautiful! It’s amazing to see them develop and I love the book in the first picture. One of my favs growing up.

sweetest pictures!

I love those hands and feet!


We had a busy busy weekend as well. Soccer game, pinewood derby, circus and church movie night. It was crazy but tons of fun!!

Love that little basket. He such a cutie! Our weekend was pretty dull…more snowfall here in Alaska, so we stayed inside to watch movies. :)

I love more traditional toys for children such as building blocks instead of a lot of the newer ones out today. I like the idea of kids using their imagination with simple toys! Oh, and I loved the band you posted about below! Thanks for sharing them with us, I’m excited to explore their music more!

baby leland is so adorable! cutest thing to put him in a basket!

also, i love those blocks! i don’t think i’ve ever seen any that small {or maybe i have} but i love them they’re cute. my six week old grabs onto things like a mad woman {hair included} so maybe i should get her these blocks.

haha wishful thinking that she could actually enjoy them :P

Such cute pictures! He is so sweet!

I had those as a kid. All 6 kiddies of us loved them! He looks so cute in that basket…I especially love the ones of his feet. Mmm…love me some baby feet!

Have a great day with your little one!

Love the pictures … he is too precious for words! I still have my son’s little ‘building blocks’. He had so much fun with those. He eventually graduated to Lincoln Logs … after that, it was the even more popular, Legos! I’m saving them all for his children someday. We went to a flea market this weekend … I found an old Argus camera to add to my, slow growing, collection. Paid only $3.00 for it, and found out it was being sold on line for $42.00! Now to find an instruction manual and film for it! I love flea markets, and old cameras! You have a blessed day. Arielle!

Seriously… I can’t find those blocks anywhere. I had them growing up and now all I find are these new modern funktified ones. I just love the classic ones!

But they look mighty lovely in those pretty pictures! And I LOVE his little outfit! I just love it! His little toesies are so precious!

aw I love the moses basket as well. So beautiful. Your child is breathtaking He looks extremely focused in the pictures too. I always wonder the minds of a baby because they can get extremely focused at times as if they are in deep thought. I suppose we will never know. lol


Great shots!!!!! <3

oh how neat! He looks like he is doing a good job. It is so neat to watch little ones learn new things. I’m not a momma, but when I worked for a daycare that was my favorite part!

aaah… those feet are so cute. =)
i wish you and your family a wonderful week!
xo noli*

It’s so fun to watch babies learn and discover new things! My babe still grabs and pulls my hair and he’s 13 months. Ha ha. Love those photos, the basket is adorable – but the little guy in it is even cuter! :)

Hi,Your family Is so beautiful!!!!
Leland is a big boy!
I’m from Brasil and love Your blog!!
Visit me and My kids Babi and Theo:

these pictures are too precious. the building blocks look perfect for leland :) my weekend was just the opposite of yours! now i feel like its going to pick up a lot and yours hopefully will slow down ;)

I remember when Ezekiel picked up blocks. He loved them for a while..I loved taking pictures of him playing with them. So cute!
Have a wonderufl week!


isn’t it funny how sometimes you need the week to come so you can rest from all the weekend craziness:) Although, It sounds like life is busy with that little cutie of yours!


oh how awesome! i will have to check it out :)


oh wow! sounds like fun!! :)


thank you! :) gotta love babies in baskets…

i hadn’t seen any blocks quite that small either so i am so thankful that they were given to us!


yes, i love the more traditional toys as well! i’m so glad you liked the band i posted about :) they are quite gifted!


thank you tawnie! :)


oh lincoln logs…i love those. i will have to get leland some of those as he gets older :) and legos too. love these sort of toys rather than all of the digital and video game things they have out there today!

blessings deborah! :)


thank you noli! you as well :)


yes, so true! :) usually it is the opposite but since having a little one i’ve found it easier to get a bunch of things done on the weekends ;)

blessings to you!

very cute. such precious little fingers

these pictures are adorable.

oh my goodness beautiful! I love the natural light you use :) and yay for him picking up blocks, that so great!

SO cute! Love the little hands on the little blocks :)

These remind me of the blocks I recently featured in a baby post I did! I never had blocks like this, but they are so pretty, especially if handmade!


thanks brooke! :)

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