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gilliam family | portrait session

Brandon and Megan are always some of my favorite people to meet up with to take their photos. It doesn’t seem like that long ago I was taking Megan’s maternity photos, and this time I got to meet their precious daughter, Liv! She is too sweet! I loved catching up with them, as they were one of my first portrait sessions over four years ago- crazy! :) Here are just a few of my favorite photos from the day…

….So precious! :)


day at the orchard.


Wow, I really can’t believe I am actually sitting down to write!  The house is quiet…Leland went with Jay to Home Depot and Reagan and Beau are asleep napping. The windows are open with the sun shining in, and I’m sitting on my bed drinking coffee- glorious! There has been an absence on this ole blog mainly because 1. we moved!! Yep, again! I don’t think I fully realized the extent of how difficult moving with three little ones would be. But now, we are finally settling in and I don’t plan on moving again for a good while. Ha! I have so many photos, so many sessions…SO many pictures that I need to post and really would love to post. I still haven’t even finished posting all of my Florida pictures! (Those are next ;) )So hopefully I will get around to that soon. For now, I wanted to share some photos that we took (before we moved!) at an orchard when it was in full bloom. I will treasure all of these photos for years to come I’m sure :)

…Beau’s face in the far right picture totally sums up his personality!

…Ha ha the chub… She is too sweet! :)


beau turns two!

I can’t believe Beau turned two last week! When we took him to his two year check up, the doctor told us he is basically the size of a three year old. What?! I believe it though, he eats like no other! He is as sweet as can be and absolutely loves Cars. He is constantly carrying around hot wheels and it is too cute. We love him so much! We didn’t take many but here are a few photos from his birthday :)

…My mom bought him these glasses and he thought they were the coolest things!  Haha :)


the days may be long…

“The days may be long but the years are short” ….that little phrase goes through my mind many days of the week. Most definitely on the days that seem  especially loooong. The days when I’m ready for a break, even two minutes- of quiet, of stillness. With three little ones my days are constantly busy but it is a busyness I have never experienced before. It is a busy-ness of somewhat mundane tasks (ahem, picking up cheerios off the floor or making macaroni and cheese) but I do know that this time passes so quickly. Beau turned TWO this week and it was just another reminder of how the years fly by. My hope and prayer is that I will not take these days for granted, ever. They won’t always be so little, I won’t always be picking those cheerios up off the floor…and one day I’ll look back and realize that little phrase sure is true. I hope to treasure all of these moments with them and store them up! :)

My sweet and happy (and chubby) girl! (Also, how adorable is this lace bomber jacket from Evy’s Tree?! My favorite staple in my closet right now! :) )


I love this post! It’s such a good reminder and I love your cute pictures!


Love Easter and I was so thankful that this Easter we were all healthy (last year we were all so sick!) It was so fun to see the kids go through their baskets and go on a little easter egg hunt at my parents’. Leland is at the age where he is starting to understand the true meaning of Easter which is so awesome. We had brunch that my mom made (and was mmm delicious!) Here are a few photos from our Easter….

Reagan in her Easter dress :)

The boys! Love them so. And the only way sometimes to get them to take a picture is to say “give him a hug!”….then they’ll hold still for a second ;)

My mom always adds the sweetest touches to everything! Love how she made Easter so special.

A little egg hunt….

…and a little bunny! hehe :)


beach trip pt 1.

A couple weeks ago we all went to Florida and it was absolutely amazing! To be honest, I am still missing it like crazy. It had been such a long winter. Jay and I were both tired of the cold, of being cooped up, of the countless house showings we’ve had…so we were very ready for a break :) The kids loved the beach, the warm weather, swimming…it was so nice! Was traveling with three little ones difficult? Yes, in some ways it wasn’t always easy. The drive to Florida and the drive home the kids were so good (mostly thanks to our handy dvd player…) If it wasn’t for the double stroller we rented, it would have been different. We were able to walk to the beach, to eat, and to take walks so it was pretty convenient. The first  day was the most difficult with the kids adjusting to a different schedule but after that- so worth it! It was so much fun seeing them play by the ocean and walking with them on the beach…I already can’t wait to go back. Here’s a few photos from our trip and I’ll post more in a day or two!

How we spent our days by the beach….Reagan slept or hung out in the stroller while the boys played :)

Beau and his great-grandpa! Loved visiting my grandparents while we were there!

…Reagan loved the beach too ;)

Tons more soon….