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a day with shelley paulson.

in april, i had the lovely opportunity to meet one of my favorite photographers, shelley paulson. i had been following her work for over a year or so. i remember the first time i found her work, i was very inspired and showed jay right away. her work is timeless…it is not over-edited, over-processed…it is pure and is genuinely beautiful.  not to mention, she loves horses, music, and Jesus….which i love as well. so anyway, on goes the story…

i contacted her about some equine photography and such at the beginning of the year. we kept in touch and a few months later i received an email from her saying that she would be visiting kentucky and asked to meet and take some photos. i was definitely excited :) when we met, we talked for a few hours and she critiqued my work. for someone who is sensitive like myself, i must be honest and say that it was not easy. it was not easy but it was very much needed. her critique sort of reminded me of the verse in john 15 “He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit….” i learned so much during our time together, and from that i will grow. those who are honest, truthful, and encouraging are good people to have around. critique is good, friends. very good.

after a few hours of talking, we went to her friend’s (oh so beautiful) farm and they both shot some pictures for a couple of hours. i am little shy (ok, maybe a lot shy…but i am getting bolder) so this was a good way for me to loosen up a little. spending the day with her was definitely a blessing!

you can read her blog about our day and see photos here. also be check out other sessions on her blog as well…you will love them :)



She’s so good! I remember when you first mentioned her to me and I looked her up. She’s got such a beautiful way of photographing. And HELLO- that really close up photo of you that’s silhouetted?! GORGEOUS. :) I’m glad you had the chance to talk to her. So neat. And love the verses you shared. The Hebrews one is going to have to go on my ‘to-memorize’ list because I have a feeling that’s something that will be good to have in the brain with our line of work. ;)


So, so beautiful! I love photo #4. Can i have a copy- please? :) I think God gave you an awesome opportunity and it was a Divine appointment :) Love, Mom

Beautiful! I love that natural photography. I would love to practice more and learn how to take more natural/less processed photos! Again…beautiful!

What beautiful land! Your lace vest is ADORABLE!

Gorgeous! She’s very talented and I’m sure that it must have been good to spend an afternoon with her learning how to become a better photographer. I think you are excellent photographer, Ariel. Your style is lovely. :)

I’m sorry I spelled your name wrong in my comment above, Arielle.

arielle these pictures are beautiful! can I ask if you get your hair done or is this natural? I always love how your hair looks :) Your so gorgeous!

I looooove your lace vest! Those pictures turned out fantastic!

you photograph so beautifully arielle! I love the picture on her page of just you in your soft pink dress. So freaking cute :)!! And the photography was amazing so I am sure all of her critiques will definitely show in your work and as you said produce more fruit! which is a blessing. God knows how to build us up more into his image and I know that it is the times where I receive genuine correction or critique that God really stretches me because my pride often keeps me from receiving it to begin with. Always a blessing stopping by your blog love.


Checked her out, she’s amazing. You look a stunner! I’m heading for a mission into a village soon and i am so excited for what God’s got planned. I’m also excited to take photos, but natural light ones. I’m a basic, like have just started teaching myself. Do you know of any tutorials i could go check out? Loving the beauty of photography, so beautiful. Just you have the one moment that will never happen again. xx

Oh my goodness…i love these. such a talented photographer!

Wow. These are so stunning! I think #4 is my favorite. These remind me of a wonderful dream!

These are beautiful! I love the landscape. And thank you for you sweet comments on my blog this week :)

the phodies of you with the horses are breathtakingly wow!!! the dark browns work so well in contrast with your soft pastel colours x <3 excited to check out her blog right now! :)

These are fantastic! I love that she was able to help you improve your photography. There’s nothing better than having someone honestly and with care critique you to help you improve. You look beautiful in these pictures!

I love that scripture, I’m going to tuck it away. Criticism is always good when it is helpful and done right…I went to art school…it gave me tough skin in the world of

I lived and worked at International House of Prayer when Shelley was shooting for us and different events I orchestrated. She is incredible!

Beautiful Shots!


Absolutely stunning! You are so beautiful, Arielle… and so much of that shines from within :)

Oops… let’s try that with the form actually filled out! ;-)

Absolutely stunning! You are so beautiful, Arielle… and so much of that shines from within :)

You look so beautiful in all of these photographs, and (you’re right) this photographer is amazing!

I understand about the pain/necessity of criticism. It’s never fun to hear you aren’t perfect even when you already know it! I think in all of us there’s a desire to really be liked and accepted and loved, and we often forget that those very things are generally the reasons why people give us constructive criticism in the first place. I hope you grow by leaps and bounds from her feedback!

Oh wow, you’re so pretty! I love those boots! Shelley is a great photographer, what a blessing that you could learn from her too!

Oh my gosh these pictures are so breathtakingly beautiful. There are just no words. I love the photography style, the images, the BEAUTY. Wow!

These are stunning!!! You look gorgeous! You must be so pleased with how they turned out.

Amber xxx

You are stunning in those photos!
And her work is amazing!
Love the concept for the shoot and I will definitely check out her blog!

you are SO beautiful, and I love your style.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos! And it was good of you to point out the importance of being open to constructive criticism. Yes, growing is good. =)

such gorgeous photos! of such a gorgeous girl!!! ;)

I too love that verse! I’ve been clinging to it in this time of “pruning” before my birth. so so sweet.


thank you kristin!! she is so gifted at what she does! :) i love that verse in hebrews…i am going to have to memorize that one as well for sure! hope you’re having a great day!


thank you so much jess! :) so sweet!


thank you so much delaney! :)


thank you so much chetreanna! :)


hi elle :) thank you so much. i hope you have a wonderful time on your mission! i don’t know of too many tutorials but i have watched quite a few photography sort of lessons on youtube. also has some resources :) blessings to you!


thank you amanda! yes she is :)


thank you emily! :)


small world! i know a lot of people went to ihop from teen mania in tx where i was for a while :) awesome.


thank you so much branson!! :)


thank you lori :)

WOW. Went to her blog. She’s talented. Purely, Giftedley, Talented!


Love the pictures and the photographer was great! I am sure it was very easy for her to take the pictures considering she had you in them,(and you’re beautiful and very photogenic)! Sorry i am just now getting around to looking at the pics! The horses are also beautiful! :)

I love horses! And hope to one day have a few of my own. Those pictures are beautiful, Arielle!

omg so beautiful! you look stunning and i love that dress..i think i saw it at HM or something similar..i might want to go get it now! :D

So beautiful! I have only just for the first time been able to see horses up close, they are so amazing, :) gorgeous photos !!

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