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hello, i’m lauren: photography student, expert napper, openminded sweet tea connoisseur. lover of all things beautiful, creative, and good. i love taking candid, natural light, journalistic photos. i hope you stop by!

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brandon just released an EP- “a love better than life.” talk about good worship music. his full length album comes out this fall!

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you won’t find a lot of “words” on my blog… i want my photography to take center stage-no frills or flashing buttons here! i love photos that capture the outdoors, natural light, everyday happenings, and simplicity, with a bit of a vintage feel. my “hope” is that my photography will emulate these things. so grab a cuppa joe, some green tea, a coke, h2o…whatever fancies your tastebuds, and stay a while.

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this ‘road called vida‘ is the story of my life as it unravels: i’m a housewife, newlywed and former new yorker now living in the san francisco bay area with my spectacular husband, jon, and our soon-to-arrive baby girl. i live for Jesus, love to write, love to eat (thank you, pregnancy) and love to share my sometimes quirky, sometimes deep, sometimes funny, always honest life stories with my reader friends!

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just a girl deeply in love with her savior, striving to live by faith. my blog reflects my relationship with God, the blessings of life & the random wackiness in between that fills up my time.

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i’m kaylan, the owner, blogger, and photographer for kaylan buteyn photography. my blog is a combination of posts from my portrait and wedding sessions as well as photographs from my every day life. i love working with people, i love art, love my family, love the outdoors, love to travel, love connecting with people and learning about faith, love great food, gardening, canning, and cooking. i spend my days editing photos, working with amazing couples and families, shopping at thrift stores and snuggling with my 3 cats.

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hello, my name is liv and i am a free-spirited, new experience craving, music loving, peace seeking, soul singing butterfly.  my blog is a special place where i store away all of my treasures, a place where i record our daily adventures and reflect on the simple blessings in life.  i love writing, learning new ideas, making music, taking photos, and collecting sentimental pieces.   i spend my days balancing my time between working as a nurse and building a career i am passionate about while also being a wife and mama to my precious family.  together, we spend our days striving for peace in our hearts, kindness in our words, and adventure in our souls. so nice to meet you all, feel free to stay a while…

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aspire is my journal about faith, life, photography, and celebrating the little things. all our lives, we are living out our story, writing our words on the pages of today. chapters intermingle and characters mix, but in the end, it’s the same. we all have a story to tell. we all have a voice. my name is hannah, and this is my story.

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i’m going to turn off the comments so you can visit these lovelies’ sites. hope y’all are having a great week…i’m so excited that the weekend is almost here! much love…