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the house that built me.

i’m not sure if you have heard miranda lambert’s song “the house that built me” but today, the lyrics of that song keep going through my head over and over. today is a little bittersweet for me. my parents are moving out of the house that i spent most of my life growing up in.

…it’s where i spent hours and hours in my room…praying, seeking the Lord, writing songs, and playing my guitar.

…it’s where i watched my younger brother and sister grow up year after year.

…it was our home when our family went through different trials…both good times and bad.

…it was there that i spent the summers outside all day long under the sun and the winters inside with my mom’s candles lit through out the house.

…it was where i spent time in my little yellow room, praying for my future husband.

…it was were i brought jay  to meet my parents. it’s where i planned our wedding and anxiously counted down the days.

…many christmas memories were made there, many birthdays were celebrated.

i will miss the good ole apple and pear trees in the yard, sitting out on the deck, and going back to visit that old room of mine :) but time moves on and i’m excited for my parent’s move and to see what the Lord has in store. here’s to memories….and the lovely house that built me.



That song always gets me, too…

This is beautiful!! That song makes me cry every time. Hang in there during this new chapter of your life. IT will all turn out for the Best. HUGS FRIEND!

my parents, too! and it’s SO bittersweet.

What a sweet post. I’d feel equally sad if my parents were to ever move out of the home I grew up in… so many memories are made within the walls of a home, but sometimes we just gotta move on. Thank God for photos, huh? At least you’ll have those to look at and enjoy when you think on the good ol’ days. =)

such a great song! bittersweet…I moved A LOT as a kid so no house like that for me…hopefully my kids will think of their home that way :)

We moved from my childhood home when I was a sophomore in high school. It’s very bittersweet. My husband and I have in great lengths about going back and buying that home. Thanks for posting such a sweet, nostalgic piece.

pretty country voice, love it. =)
pretty song too. It made me think of the old house I grew up in back in Cebu, Philippines (my grandparents’ big old house)…sadly, got sold. When Nick and I finally got to go visit families there in April 2010, I wanted to take him there but found out my grandparents sold it, and we couldn’t go inside anymore =( but he saw the outside at least and the “jungle” where my little brother and I used to play at.

thanks for sharing!

Love that song. And love this post! At least you will always have the memories to hold onto. :)

i love that song, it’s so good! :) i have so many sweet memories in my mom’s house & my grandparent’s old house…

I lived in the same house for the first 15 years of my life! It was VERY bittersweet when my parents decided to upgrade. But it was so fun starting a “new chapter”. We made so many new memories at the new house. And they still live there :)

I can see why you would be upset. I love that miranda lambert song by the way! And I hope you are finding peace in your parents’ move. :)

You know, I never had that. We moved when I was 12 and then a lot after that, so I never had that childhood home that I did everything in. I always thought it would have been great to have that 1 place where all the memories were, to go back to. I’m sorry you won’t have that anymore. But wishing your parents the best in their new home. :)

I always get a bit sad and nostalgic whenever I drive by my parents old home that my sister and I spent most of our childhood =) And I love Miranda’s song

oooo i LOVE that song. it actually used to be my ringtone haha.
i didn’t really have an actual childhood home–we moved around too much–but i can imagine some of what you’re feeling. *hug* at least we can always remember what we choose to remember.

We just sold our childhood home a few months ago and I am still in tears over it! So many wonderful memories!! But maybe we could be like Miranda and visit again one day! Such a sweet post, hold onto the memories you created there in your heart forever!

I love that song! If my parents move I know I will have a difficult time saying goodbye to the house that built me. It will be so bittersweet.

Love that song so much! My parents have long been gone from the house I grew up in, but I have so many wonderful memories from there! It is bittersweet!

What a beautiful post (and beautiful song too!)
My Dad sold my childhood house while I was overseas & I was devastated! I knew he wanted to sell, but it all seemed to happen so quickly & I never got a chance to say goodbye (or move any of my stuff out!) so sad :(
I guess it makes the memories even sweeter

your such a beautiful soul. Change isn’t always good but at least we have that hope as believers that GOD knows what He is doing and He has a great plan in all that we go through. Sometimes breaking us of the things that we think are so mundane but comforting can lead to just loving HIM even more! Love you girl!

p.s. I miss seeing your blog on my feed more! BUT i know your out there taking care of business too ;)

I love reading your blog. <3 I am 19 and loves Jesus but my parents don't… So my room has become like my sanctuary (lol) where i play guitar and spend time with God alone and let Him romance me over and over. <3


Was as Mom and Dad, yesterday to pick up Grandma Eulas bed….As i sat there alone waiting for the guys to come with the truck….I just broke down….All those memories of my childhood there too….And to see the old house in such chaos and in such disorder led me to tears…..Tis sad……wish well for your family as they move on to a new place of memory making. Love Terra

What an emotional thing. I’m really nostalgic, so that would be hard for me too! The only reason I’m not attached to my parents’ houses (as much) is because we moved a lot as a kid, so I’m as used to it as I could be.


i’m really nostalgic as well! :) i will be emailing you back soon! blessings!


aw thank you chetreanna! :) so, so much! i miss blogging more but things have definitely been busy….i think i’m finally caught up with most things- yay!! hope you are having a great week girl!


thank you so much olivia! :)


so true :) many blessings brittany!


thank you so much emily :) many blessings!


oh wow!! jay’s best friend is from the philippines and he visits there often :) many blessings shayne!


thank you so much alyss! :)


yes, thank the Lord for photos! :) thank you becky! hope you’re having a great week!


it definitely is bittersweet!


thank you lindsay! :)

I’ve never heard that song before, but it sounds really beautiful and definitely something that I could relate to. I know loosing the place where I grew up would be hard on me too. I cried whenever we had to sell the car that we dated, got engaged, and got married in. Kinda broke my heart. But I know that God gives us strength to cope with change and we still have memories. I love that!

I can imagine this must be a sad time. I had many houses that influenced my growing up. My father was in the military, so I was constantly moving. I never had the opportunity to attach to one place, and I suppose there’s good and bad to that. I guess the good news for you is you’ll get to keep your memories and help build memories of home for YOUR little one!

Oh Arielle, I can empathize. Even though I was an adult and married-I was still sad when my mom sold her house, and moved out of state.

That is so sweet that you have all those wonderful memories. Here’s to making lots of new ones with Leland, and your hubby when you visit the new one.

Best to you and the family.

This is super bittersweet. Thank you for sharing your memories with us… what a beautiful life!

I remember when my parents moved out of my childhood home. Even when I moved four hours away it was still home. It was the place where I’d grown into a woman and so much of my identity was tied to growing up on the farm. At first I thought their new home will never be home to me, but you know what I learned wherever my parents are there will the hub of my family be. And now, five years on, it features just as strongly in my memories.

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