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So I’ve started this thing called Project Life. It’s supposed to be done weekly, for a year. But….I’m thinking I may try to do it every two weeks. :) I love it because it’s a way to keep pictures printed (which I love) and it also includes journaling, etc. I thought it would be a neat way to have all of our pictures/daily sorta things all together…something to look back on through the years. Anyway, this is the first week! I’m going to try and post them as I make them. I’ve been using a typewriter to journal which I love, and I’ve also been using my new printer from home for all the photos! It’s especially nice having this to do since it has been sooo cold and were in the middle of winter :) If anyone has any tips or certain info they’d like to share if you do project life- please, share away!! I’m new to this!



Found your blog when googling for Project Life inspiration. I am starting it this year too and will be sharing my pages as well. Loving your first spread and well it goes with your album. The yellow is gorgeous.

Maybe we can help motivate each other. I haven’t posted any pages to my blog just yet, but I hope to tomorrow :)


Hi Arielle, I love this idea. Does project life have a schedule or is it just print pictures each week that you want type of thing?? Love your pictures and hope you’re making it through the cold winter.

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