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working at home with little ones.

The other day I sat down to edit while Reagan was taking a nap. I thought it would be a good idea since Leland and Beau could probably keep busy while they played together. As I opened up my computer and was ready to get to work, Beau brought a book to me and wanted me to read to him. Frustrated, I closed up my computer and sat with him as he handed me his book.

That, my friends, is what “working at home” with three kids truly looks like. Does it work? Not really, at least not when you want to give your 100% to something. When I work from home, when I decide to work AND give my kids my attention- I end up giving 50% to photography and 50% to my kids. Neither get my full dedication and attention and lets be honest…it can be discouraging.
I was reminded to refocus and remember what my true priorities are. All of my kids are at the age where they need me on a constant basis. Sometimes I wonder how other moms do it all, really! How are they running businesses, writing books, etc.  when I can barely have time to sit down and work for a few minutes. But then again, am I supposed to compare myself to them? No! I don’t know where they are at and I just need to worry about my own situation. I know that God has entrusted me with these three precious gifts, and I would hate to waste this season- only putting in 50%.
I want to make sure that I am where I need to be, to be the mom that these sweet kids need. (Even if that means much less photography for a season.) I am not any less- than because I am not running a crazy-busy photography business, writing books, or speaking at conferences. No, right now…being a mom and delighting in this job- it’s right where I need to be.

Oh Arielle! I love following your posts. Your love for Jesus is so encouraging in my day. I also have two young boys and a 7 month old girl and have a few freelance jobs from home, and honestly, its so exhausting and difficult. Some days it works, other days it doesnt, and for me it is practicing how I react in the moment when I dont get done what I want. It is so hard. You are not alone. and you are doing wonderful! So blessed by you! You shine Jesus!

You are an amazing momma – and so successful in all that you do! It is hard work having three kids at home and trying to run a business… This post highlights how amazing you are at trying to juggle it all and realising when it gets too much and what your priorities are x

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