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living life with my loves by my side.

I’ve come to a place in life where I’m content. I mean, I’ll always undoubtedly struggle with discontentment, it is one of my greatest struggles. But this past summer, I really felt it. Peace. Contentment. Like I’m right where I need to be. I used to struggle between wanting to do photography all of the time but yet giving the best I could to my kids. I feel like I’ve found that balance, and for now the pendulum is swung on the side where my kids get more attention and it is wonderful. Seriously, I feel so much joy and so much peace. I’m not questioning, striving, I’m just simply…being. I’m being first and foremost a child of God. Then a wife, and a mom. Any one of those are all good roles to have, so I feel blessed. This summer, I’ve soaked up really enjoying each of my kids and learning more about their personalities. (Although, of course there’s some things not to enjoy, like toddler tantrums but that’s a conversation for another day! ha!)

In year’s past, I was always wondering what was next. “Are we going to have another kid?” (We aren’t planning on it obviously.) “Are we moving? When are we moving?” “Should I take on more photography?” But this year, I’m just living life- with the people I love by my side- and I love it.


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