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august photos.

to say i have taken a lot of pictures this summer is an understatement! capturing time with family and friends, farmer’s markets, nature, leland, business photo shoots, and more. phew! most of them don’t even end up online or on facebook, etc. because i love keeping those memories close. i still don’t know how i feel about putting my little one’s pictures all over this blog to be honest, so i don’t do it too often. i haven’t spent much time on the internet or too many blogs lately (mainly because i’ve been so busy) and i do miss catching up on some reading. although, it is so refreshing to step away from technology! however, this little place isn’t forgotten and there are a few pictures taken as of late that i want to share…you know, some before and afters of jay’s extreme haircut and all ;) some of these i’ve posted over at my photography blog.

the haircut!! sorry for the model-like pictures :)

now for the pre-haircut photos….

another handsome one! (my brother)oh my!! leland’s face in these two…

some photos we took a while ago…

phew. that was a lot of pictures :) hope you all are having a great weekend!! i’m going to go enjoy some time with my husband and eat some nutella & strawberries…the best!

much love.


Love all the photos, especially the last one! Wonderful colors and such sweet captures.


thank you so much hannah! :)

These are so good! Your little one is adorable.

I was wondering, how do you store your personal photos? Do you have an external hard drive? I have so many photos but I’m afraid if my computer crashes I’ll lose them all. Thanks!

You look gorgeous, as always!! And you always have the best pictures. I’m a little jealous :)

You have such a beautiful family!
Nutella & strawberries are the BEST!

pretty girl! i love that dress/top in those last photos…and leland is getting so big!

Can you PRETTY PLEASE come to so cal and photograph my family? PLEASE?

I so enjoy your posts :) there is something so special about you Arielle!

So beautiful!

Beautiful photos!!

Love them all, as always! :) xo

Love the photos! They’re amazing, like always!! You are so talented and you have a beautiful family, Arielle. I hope you have a great week!

it’s the age old question about the chicken and the egg…what came first – the purple shirt or the purple flowers? lol, regardless beautiful presentation

lovely summer pics! enjoy your nutella and strawberries :)

Theses are so beautiful!!!!!!!! xxx

You are the cutest family ever. You are all so handsome and loving! Haha I like Leland’s face on the second of that funny pic!

Love the photos. =) Especially Leland’s faces he makes. hahah.

love these! I am a crazy photo taker :)

Lovely photos! I love your top in the last few photos. It’s so pretty. :) Enjoy your nutella & strawberries! I agree- it’s an awesome combination.

awe… Leland is such a cutie! looks like you have had a wonderful August so far! the lighting in all of these photos is just so summer-y & beautiful! :)

These photos are gorgeous! I always love the way you style your hair, so pretty! xoxo

Leland’s face is adorable in those pictures! I love where ever it is you took those pictures, so pretty.

Thumbs up on the haircut. :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Gorgeous, as always! You have a gift!

i love your smile and i loveee these photos..especially the last two. Your hubby is so funny hehe

His scrunchy smile is the cutest I’ve ever seen! Great pics!
Looks like you guys have had a wonderful summer so far!

Your blog might be my new favorite of all time. I am currently obsessed with natural light photography. I am trying to capture some images similar to yours but no luck so far, but then again, I am not a photographer…. just someone who loves playing with a really nice camera that I still don’t know how to use!

following you!

p.s.– I currently have a giveaway for cute custom necklace from ashley from the shine project on my blog. You should check it out and enter! The Shine Project Giveaway

i love these, they are so beautiful! lovely blog, chick. :)

love, rach–

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures (and subjects)! Oh, and nutella + strawberries = LOVE!

this makes me smile.


thank you ashley! :)


thank you! :)


thank you so much ashley! many blessings :)


thank you natalie!! :)


thank you emily! :) many blessings!


thank you kristin :) hope all is well!!


thank you anna! :)


thank you debby!!


thank you so much jess! :)


thank you so much delaney :)


i would LOVE that!!!


thank you melisande! :)


thank you jessi :) i don’t have an external hard drive but will be getting one asap!


I just stumbled upon your blog and just love it! Your photos are beautiful. Where did you get the darling floral top? We have family pictures coming up, it is exactly what i’ve been looking for!

I always enjoy looking at your photos – you have such a good eye!

No way…Leland??? That’s my hubs’ name!

This is really random BUT just today I was trying to figure out what would go really well with Nutella aside from toast… and you just said strawberries, and my pregnant tummy said YES!!! haha… Anyway , beautiful photos as always! I know what you mean about not being sure about posting your baby’s photos on your blog… I’m questioning that too… and i’m sure I won’t be doing it too often either…Although I do plan on sharing photos of her every once in a while. You have good looking siblings! What a sweet family!

Your blog is making me realize that I need to have me photos taken with my daughter, she is going to be a year next month and we don’t have very many photos together, thanks for the reminder. :)

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