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random out-takes.

a week or two ago (i can’t remember…these weeks seem to be running together!) i went out with one of my awesome and beautiful friends that i’ve known forever and we took some pictures. she is a blessing in my life and is moving to texas in a week :( but it is for a good reason (ministry) and i pray that the Lord uses her for His glory!! anywho, i took some portraits of her that i will hopefully post on my photography blog sometime in the near future :) she took a couple of me also! it was extremely hot, we were sweaty and eating ice cream cones, but it was fun. we tried several times to get a picture of us jumping so i thought i’d post all of the awkward out-takes…

…the sun giving me natural highlights and notice katie’s ice cream cone- haha.

…jump try one.…jump try two.

…and here is a picture she took of me that night. this is me, sweaty with t-shirt, and hair up and jeans. every day kind of life :)

i hope you all had a lovely weekend! i am excited for a new week…have a blessed monday y’all!



Fun to see the behind the scenes stuff! ;)


Gorgeous pictures! Love your blog! God bless you and keep up the amazing work!


do you ever watch the bachelorette? i feel like you look like ali fedotowsky. that’s a compliment!

Hee hee…these are too cute! I love the behind the scenes moments. :)

You guys look like way too much fun!

oh i love the jumpy pictures! so cute and funny, haha.

Arielle, I haven’t been able to stop by your blog in awhile, and it was a joy to read some of the back posts. I LOVE the pictures from your getaway to the mountains. My Vincent and I would LOVE to go to the Smokeys for our honeymoon. The bears would scare me! I also really appreciated your post on being authentic in blogging. That’s something I constantly struggle with — both being authentic myself, and also fighting feelings of discontentment when I read bloggers who seem to have a perfect life. It’s important to be who we are and let Christ do all the shining!

jumping photos are always so funny to try to capture… hehe! can’t wait to see the other photos from this, looks fun! :)

gorgeous! where are your shoes from?


scout, thank you so much for your encouragement! i truly loved reading your comment…what a blessing. the smokeys would be a perfect place for a honeymoon! our friends went there for theirs this summer! :)

These are fun shots!

Great pics, love the out takes. =)

I really like this post :) I feel like I know you a little better now. That’s weird right? It is cool to see you behind the camera doing your thing! I love your outfit btw :) You are such a lovely lady :)

haha. love these.

what fun photos!

I love the picture of you with your camera! You guys looked like you were having so much fun! Love it! <3

In our sea of love

hehe! These are cute. :-)

so fun! love these in progress jumping photos!

you always look so lovely doesnt matter what you wear! i love these pictures!

These are so great!! Best friends are truly a blessing!
Arielle, I would love to have you write about this amazing friendship for my Girlfriend Guide feature!!! Let me know if you would be interested! Your words are always so inspiring and insightful, I know my readers would love to hear your perspective!
Have a great weekend!

You look gorgeous, despite the sweat! Your hair is always perfect! And I love that she is daintily holding the end of her cone :)

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