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december + mountains + 24 weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, Jay and I went down to Tennessee to spend the weekend there. We went to see Drew Holcomb & the Neighbor’s Christmas concert and spent some time in the mountains. I’m so thankful for each of our parents watching Leland while we were gone! It was nice to spend some time together…especially since we knew it’d probably be the last time in a long while without kids.  The day we got there, we took these pictures..just for fun really. (Jay doesn’t mind so I say why not!!) :) This is such a beautiful area…I always love visiting….

…This beauty crossed in front of our car when we were in the mountains. So pretty!

(…noel is not the name of baby #2, don’t worry!)

….24 weeks!!

dress/shirt: pink blush maternity   noel sign: uncommon fabrics



Isn’t Pink Blush Maternity great!? I love their variety! That top is so pretty.

such pretty pictures! cades cove?
hope this isnt creepy haha but i saw you at the drew & ellie concert! i was working the mocha club table and i thought to myself that was you & just recognized you from reading your blog often but didnt say anything because i didnt want to be a creep! haha hope you had a great trip though! knoxville is great :)

you two are so cute! :)

great photos! you look great! :)

haha, that’s funny you clarified the name there. Can you imagine if a guy was named “Noel” though? Wait, that is a guy’s name! And I know a “Noel”..
Ok, I’m going..
Emily at Amazing Grapes

I am in love with this!!!

Beautiful couple, beautiful place! You are glowing!

You are seriously the cutest pregnant momma!!!! you are seriously glowing. When I pregnant with K i felt like I was breaking out left and right. Beautiful photos!

What a beautiful backdrop!! And beautiful couple, of course. :)

These are SO beautiful! My goodness!

I love these! so pretty. looks lik a beautiful place. do y’all use a tripod to take the ones of both of you? oh and your outfit is so cute, I love the top! xx

It’s been a while since I’ve visited your site and I just wanted to say that I have missed it! I can’t believe you are onto baby #2. You look absolutely beautiful, girl! I love how you styled around the cute little belly! So incredible excited for you and all the success that has come your way this year :)
xo TJ


Hey since I found your blog I get In love with them.
Your Photos are amazing can you give us some tips to take Photos live yours?
And what kind of camera you use?
Thank you god bless you!!

You look absolutely beautiful! I love TN mountains – we live in TN, so we try to go when we can.


Beautiful photos and a beautiful couple. Where is this in TN? We just recently moved from the Pacific Northwest to MO, so I’m not familiar with all the beautiful places to visit here in the Midwest. Would you mind sharing where exactly in TN is this place and what is it called?
Thank you so much.
Blessings to you and your lovely family.


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