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beach trip part one.

Last year, after we went to Florida I only posted a few photos from our trip and I regretted it. I took sooo many and meant to share them on here and never did. So this year, I am sharing them! This first part is just day to day photos and the next part will be family photos, etc. When I look through these photos, it’s like I can feel the warmth of the sun, here the kids playing in the sand and the waves crashing on the shore. Oh to go back- ha ha! But really, we had such a good time and I feel like it was easier this year with all of the kids because they were older. Reagan was most content just sitting in the sand, scooping it up and filling a bucket, emptying it, then repeat. The boys loved it too! Since we rented a double jogging stroller for the week, it made everything so much easier. We walked everywhere and loved it! I didn’t take as many pictures on my phone because I always had my camera and I’m pretty happy about that. It was so fun to go back and look through my “big” camera photos. So here’s the first part of our trip in pictures…

…My sister and brother were there at the same time on spring break so we got to spend some time with them!

….bahaha that picture on the left. Totally depicts her personality.

…Do I take too many pictures of my kids? Probably. Ha!

…Beau loved feeding the flamingos!

….and thanks to my sister, date night!

…haha that face!

…the best donuts in the land.

until part two…..



Wow so glad you shared more pictures!…….They made me giggle and smile in my heart!!……… Mage

Too many pictures of your kids? Nahhh. ;) I love seeing them! You have some real gems in here! :D

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