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sunflowers + random thoughts

So I haven’t blogged in a really long time. To be honest, I haven’t felt like posting much on social media, Facebook, etc. either. Not really sure why exactly. Lately, it seems like I have taken more pictures than ever (both professionally- sessions and personal) but I haven’t shared much. I think I have been afraid of what people think…I think that’s what it comes down to. Like, “why does she take so many dang pictures?” “is she trying to prove something?” “why so many pictures? are you doing this just for a photo?” …people’s thoughts. I’m afraid of ’em more than I should be. (I’m in the process of breaking that bad habit.) In reality…photography is such a creative outlet. I feel like I have to be creating at all times, I just love it. And photography is one of those ways for me to create. If five people….even one person sees a photo I took and enjoys it, that’s enough for me. My goal and aim is not likes, and comments, and followers. That is not my goal. I take the pictures for our family, (or other people- if it’s a session, of course!) to save memories, and for my own enjoyment.


These thoughts have been in my head for a while now… Also thoughts like…do people blog anymore? Why blog when there is instagram? (Even though the algorithm is awful.) Why share on a blog when there’s Facebook? What about the photography business Facebook page? What social media do you choose or do you just get rid of it all? Just some things I have been thinking about. Feel free to share your thoughts if you’re reading this ;)

Anyway, here’s a few sunflower photos we took back in September. Mostly of the girls because I don’t think the boys would be too fond of looking back of themselves frolicking in sunflowers- haha. Much love…


I Love You all!… My oldest sister has such a talent for writing things to keep in her memory… and so do you..Please keep blogging… Beautiful!…


I still prefer blogs to instagram or facebook. I sometimes aks myself if it isn’t a littly spooky reading blogs from people I never have met or will meet in my life. But than – so do thounsands of people. And than there are the people that blog. They woudln’t do it if it wasn’t for the readers, right?
I blogged ages ago and stopped because I started feeling the pressure of always writing something that would get more comments, more likes, more readers. I didn’t write anymore because I had experienced something great or had a thought I wanted to share. I did things to be able to write about them later on. I took pictures for the blog and only later realized that I hadn’t seen any of it in real while I was there because I was busy taking great pictures. I stopped being real, I guess. So I like bloggers who seem to manage to stay real. And who talk about life, family and friends and other things in a way I can relate to. That get me thinking or that make me feel a little happier or uplifted. Pictures only doesn’t do his job for me. I like the words, the thoughts that belong to them. So personally I’d love if you kept blogging (or startet again:-))

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