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a letter to leland.

dear leland,

this time last year your daddy and i started planning for the day you would be born. i was dropping out of cosmetology school and beginning to work. i wanted to, so that we could save up for the little things we would need for you when you arrived.

but now, you are here. you are almost five months old and growing like a weed. the doctor says you are going to be tall just like daddy . i love watching you grow but wish you could stay small and tiny for a bit longer. it is sad seeing these days slip from my hands. long gone are the days when you were your sleepy newborn self. now, you love snuggling in bed when daddy goes off to work in the mornings. you love hearing me play you lullabies and songs on my guitar. you are having so much fun chewing on anything you can get your tiny hands on. little noises, smiles, and blowing bubbles always seem to make the day so much brighter.

you have grown and changed so much in the last four months, little one, and so have i. God is constantly changing me into the mama He has me to be for you. He is bringing to light my selfishness and helping me to see what “less is more” really means.

i am forever grateful that the Lord gave you to us. you are a gift, leland, and even though you may not know it now, i am blessed by you each and every day.


psalm 127:3


he is so precious! <3

Your baby is beautiful! What a wonderful idea to write a letter to your son.

this was insanely sweet <3
and the picture…goodness! it could NOT be cuter!


Very sweet Arielle! I did the same thing when our boys were babies,and gave a written letter to them when they turned 15.they still have it today and they are 19 in march and 21 in july!bradley keeps his letter in a glass picture frame and says he treasures it! You seem like a wonderful mamma.leland is very lucky to have you both!!

pretty sure my heart just broke for the beauty of this letter! I know that the way you feel is something that one can only truly experience until they have a child of their own but I really got a great understanding and feeling for the heart and the smile behind this letter. MAY GOD continue to shape you into a beautiful servant so that you can continue to be the amazing and loving Mom HE desires you to be for LELAND. And your son is sooo adorable and handsome. I can’t believe he is five months!! ahhh precious. K. I’m done.


such pretty photos :) this was a sweet, sweet post.

This is so precious. My mom wrote letters to us kiddos when we were babies too. I want to pass on the tradition. She kept wrote in a journal about of all the new things we did and how we were growing. It is such a keepsake.

PS: I have Jim Elliot’s journals too. I read them several years ago and it gave me such insight into his life. His writings have a way of piercing me to the core like few other writers can. Probably because they were his journals – raw and exposed. I like to go back and read them from time to time.

You are so sweet. I love this.


oh how awesome! that is so sweet penny :) and such a good idea!
blessings to you!!


thank you so much cheche….so sweet of you :) love your comments always dear!

what a sweet letter. such a good idea. and your baby is adorable!

precious. what sweet eyes he has! *smiling eyes*


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