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being o u t s i d e.

the weather has been so nice here the last few days. it’s been great spending time outside! but sadly, i woke up this morning to some snowflakes and dreary skies. that’s weather in the midwest for ya. i have so much i want to post and will get to it soon. the past couple weeks have been a little busy. anywho, i’m excited for this new season and especially being able to spend it with this chubby little one.



He is so sweet. I love that photo of the two of you! Lovely :)

he’s so cute, and all of the pictures are beautiful.
the weather absolutely cannot make up its mind here either.
snow one day, gorgeous sun the next, sleet after that.


it’s pouring rain here!! i want to be outside on a sunny day!

i love these photos! the one with you and your little man together is so sweet. hope you have a lovely thursday!

What gorgeous pictures and what a chubba wubby cutie!!!! I love his scrunched face smile! :)

Beautiful spring! Beautiful Photos! Beautiful Family!

He is adorable! Your pictures remind me of spending some time outside with my nephew over spring break, which was great. Sadly now, it’s in the thirties.. so I understand the weather dilemma, I’m currently in the same boat.

Mr. Chub is darling. I brought out our behemoth (In step swivel safari double jogging stroller -the monstrosity weighs about 38 pounds) from the recesses of the garage, and took the boys out yesterday, because it was such a glorious day with blue skies.

I could not believe it when I took S to preschool today and snowflakes were falling. ????

On a very bright note, Spring is here, and warm weather will roll around, eventually.

Thanks for the sweet comment. I do love I am Second. I would love to get involved with a college chapter for girls.

Beautiful photos…love that cute little chubby face! :) We’ve been blessed with beautiful sunshine the past two days, but I’m sure that the snow will return this week. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

aww, your baby boy is precious. i love the last photo, with his feet in the air. I’m hoping sunshine makes its way over here soon, but for now I’m kind of enjoying the pouring rain :)

how sweet! i hope it warms up for you soon! It’s great being outside!

What a cutie pie! I just want to squeeze him! But, I won’t… ;)

one of my favorite verses!
I wish I was outside right now! Beautiful!

So sweet! Denver has the same back and forth weather…windy and cold today (yuck).

Oh my goodness! He is getting to be a big boy! I love the chub.

Oh I can’t wait for chubby baby picnics and walks too! Come on June!

cutest thing. my goodness. he seems like the happiest little dude!

I love, love, love being outside! I wanted to take my little girl to the park today too but the weather channel said it was going to rain and I was bummed because I didn’t even rain lol. Hopefully this weekend is nice though! I miss being outside lol.

Oh my, your baby is adorable. The type of adorable that makes me scrunch up my noise and say “awww” in a high pitch voice :) what a tiny little blessing from Heaven!!

I loved being outside yesterday … until that storm blew through! We woke up to some ‘drearier’ weather (is there such a word? lol) today, too. It’s much cooler, but ya know I like cooler! I am looking forward to warmer days, but I sorta dread the humidity that comes in the summer.

Such a sweet post … I love your images. You have such a special gift, Arielle! Little Leland “Chubs”, there, is just too cute for words! :) My little guy was chubby, too, but lost it when he started walking. His ‘chubbiness’ was just right when he was snuggled in my arms … I always said that he was the perfect ‘fit’! I’m sure you know what I mean! :) And, I loved those chubby cheeks he had, too! Actually, he still has those … he never outgrew ’em! Lol! Ah, just a bit of reminiscing for ya there! :) That scripture is one of my favs. I’m so grateful that His Word, and every one of His precious promises, remain true to us forever!

And, I’m looking forward to what you’ll be posting … always brings a joy, and a smile, to my heart! I just have to tell you how much you both remind me so much of me and my hubby when we were younger … you cause me to remember so many good times that were filed away in the archives of my mind … those little things we seem to forget with the passing of time. Seeing your little Leland helps me to remember Ian when he was little, too. I’ve kept journals, but not as many as I would have liked. I do have lots of pictures, and sometimes it brings a sadness when I look through them all … they remind me of how quickly time passes. I want to thank you for sharing your life with us here, Arielle! I can tell by reading the comments you’ve had, just how much you’ve been an encouragement to so many others, as well! You are a blessing! Now, you go and enjoy the weekend with your two special guys, there! ~ Hugs :)


Hi there!! I am a 20 something mam myself! I have a 5 month old and a 5 and 8 year old!!! I love your blog truly inspiring! I love your style! I live in a small town not much avaliable here. Where do you buy most of you and Lelansds clothes?
By the way Leland and his little chub is so cute!!
I have been wanting to write and feel closer to god. Any ideas on what I should start with? I heard the womens devotional bible is a great start? Can you email me some ideas please?

beautiful.. i need spring in my life! also i thought you might like this band if you haven’t heard them already. their lyrics are straight from the Lord and their voices are gorgeous:

check out their newest album, Faint Not. so so good. have a blessed weekend, arielle!

Arielle, Leland looks even older! What a sweet smile!

Oh my goodness that little smile!!! You have an adorable little man!

Omg! these photos are absolutely gorgeous! your little boy is adorable! his smile is just soo cute.

i cant believe you got a snowfall after having such nice spring weather! that is crazy. hope the warm weather comes back for you soon.

i am loving your blog, i am following :) xx

so cute!! Beautiful photos!

I love your pictures!
And he is just the cutest thing.

ps. your hair is amazing. :)


i’m a new follower! what a little cutie you have!! love your blog :)

very beautiful photos again. you look so happy with your cute baby.
best wishes
xo noli*

ohhh…. and those cute little feet.. haha :)


thank you! :)
oh my…it has gotten cold again here too! so sad.


thank you :)

oh my i know…it was snowing here today, so sad! really lookin’ forward to the warmer weather of spring & summer!



haha thanks kelly ann! ;)


heheh thank you em! :)


thank you deborah for your sweet comment :) i always love reading the comments you leave here (and on fb) we had a bad storm pass through here too. and now they are calling for snow this weekend!

i am praying that i embrace this season of life. like you said, forgetting those little things with the passing of time. i don’t want time to pass yet! ;) it is so easy for me not to enjoy the little things in all the business of life so im reminded to slow down and take the time to simply enjoy the moment :)

many blessings & i hope you have a great birthday!


sure i would love to e-mail you! what is your e-mail address? :)


ohhh i love them! they are so adorable :) i need to check out their new stuff!!

have a blessed weekend sara!


thank you sophie! :)


aw thank you rylie! :)


thank you kelsey! :)


thank you noli for the sweet comment! :)

hello hello!!! so glad i saw that you were following my blog so i could come visit your gorgeous little part of the web. love love love your blog!!

we should probably be friends.

Oh goodness, how adorable! :)


haha aw, thank you meg! :)

LOVE your photos Arielle. And the cutie pie with the bubbles and sweet toes :) Thanks for sharing!

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