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brisk air. scarfs. boots. sweaters. pumpkin spice lattes. pumpkin pie.

 colorful leaves. cooler weather. candy corn. carmel apples. the changing of seasons.

Today, I am dreaming of autumn. It is right around the corner, and to say I’m excited is an understatement. :) I’m especially excited about this fall because I’ll be doing some traveling, finding out what the gender of  baby #2 is, celebrating our anniversary…ah! Not to mention eating hundreds of carmel apples. Haha, just kidding….kind of. So many good things. What are some of your favorite things about fall?



As I am new to America, it’s going to be my first fall and I am definitely looking forward to it! Even so, I could easily claim that it’s my favorite season of all! Excited for all the great things that’s gonna happen to you, Arielle! Take care.

A huge fan

I’m excited for fall, too, but I like to hang on to summer for as long as I can! ;)

My favorite things are going to the local pumpkin farm with my mom, decorating the house with pumpkins and gourds, & wearing boots, scarves, and layers! Just thinking about it gets me excited!! :) And of course, looking forward to Influence!

boots and scarves. :) yay for fall!

I’m dreaming with you! the apple orchard…the food…the windows being open!!

Gosh, I cannot wait for fall! I’m so so happy to say goodbye to this ridiculously hot weather!
Excited to hear what you’re having!

Seeing some of your pictures ;). And the color change! For whatever reason I feel life slow down. And for me this year, fall means a ton of priority changes.

Aaaaah. Your photos are such a breath of cool crisp delicious appley air. I LOVE fall too!

Gah! I’m SO excited for fall! I’m already busting out my jeans in preparation. Maybe if I wear them enough it will start getting cooler. haha :) Looking forward to crunchy leaves on wooded paths, traveling, apple festival, wearing boots every day, drinking chai lattes and caramel apple spices at Starbucks, etc. My favorite season! :D

gorgeous pictures! i love your boots. (:

That first photo is lovely, :)

As much as I love the warmer weather, I must admit, I’m also anticipating the arrival of Fall :)

I am really starting to want Fall to arrive too! It has still been in the high 90s where I live, so I am looking forward to cooler weather. There is such a special feeling when fall comes, it’s something in the air that can’t really be described… A lovely time of year! :)

PS. That first photo is so beautiful!

I love fall, too. The beautiful colors, long walks, drinking hot chocolate and reading many books… :)

pumpkin spice lattes, the crunchy sound when you step on leaves, brisk morning jogs with my pup, scarves, knee high socks, mittens, the color orange, the feeling in the air that Christmas is just around the corner. : )

dream away, my friend. Dream away. Lovely pictures that leave me dreaming of all those things as well. :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Fall is my favorite season, but it still too hot here for me to really indulge in those fall festivities yet… but I’m sooo eager for them! =D

I am so there this year… fall can’t come fast enough! It miiiight have something to do with being due with baby#3 on 10/6, but I’m also crazy looking forward to fires in the fireplace, sweaters, boots, being able to go outside without dying of heat, warm drinks, and apple picking. :)

Apple cider, crisp nights on the porch, crock pot cooking, scarves, snuggles, and all the golden colors :) I am so ready for it! Can’t wait to see more gorgeous autumn pictures from you this season!

I love, love fall. Probably too much. Scarves and boots are pretty much my life. I know it’s not even September first yet but I live in Atlanta, Georgia and it’s taking forever to get cool enough here!

Yes, I love Fall! It is truly the best time of the year!

Fall is absolutely my favorite season! Pumpkin pretty much tops my fall list (much to my husbands disappointment, haha) but I love the crisp air and the turning leaves, too!

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