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anthropologie giveaway!

this past week or so i’ve reached 600 followers that i know of who are subscribed here. that’s not as many as many other blogs i know of, but still…i was pretty excited about this. i wanted to do a giveaway and this one is perfect for the spring…almost summer. if i had to choose one place where i could go and get things for my home or shoes or clothes (although they are way pricey) it would be anthropologie. so this is a little get-yourself-a gift-for-the-spring giveaway. i’ll be giving away one $50 giftcard.

become a follower of this blog via google friend connect or bloglovin’. leave a comment below with how you might use your $50 (home decor, clothing, a gift, shoes…)

i’ll draw and e-mail a winner via one week from today, may 2nd.

for extra entries: tweet/facebook/blog about this giveaway and be sure to leave a comment with a link. (make a separate comment for each one.)


hurraaaay! i love anthro!! thank you for posting this giveaway!

how exciting! congrats on six hundred followers! i would use the gift card on clothes for myself cuz this mama is in desperate need!


I would use this $50 gift card to buy something for my Europe trip next month!

i tweeted about your giveaway!!!/misseshoneysett

following on gfc. if i won, i’d spend that money in a split second. most likely on something for myself (which i rarely do). probably splurge on a dress

i would buy some curtains for my dining room which i recently repainted. i really love your blog, by the way. i found it through bleubird vintage.

i love your blog! i would buy curtains for my dining room with an anthro gift card.

I was just in anthropologie the other day, dreaming of things I wished I could afford. I would use the giftcard to help decorate our brand new house or possibly buy a dress for my graduation from my master’s program coming up in a little less than three weeks!

Oh my gosh. I love Anthropologie! I’ll most likely be using it for clothes, but I’m keeping my options open :) So many cute things!

Thanks for doing this!

I’ve been following your blog through google reader for months, but just started following through google friend connect.

I would use the gift card to buy something gorgeous to decorate my new apartment. :)

I, too, tweeted about it:!/lillyellaco

your blog is fabulous! and so inspirational!! been following for a while now :)
i’m a shoe girl :) thanks for the great give away!!

i would use it to get a gift for a friend who needs a ‘pick me up’.

yay! love this giveaway. i would use it towards a pretty skirt or shirt for my upcoming europe trip!


You have a beautiful blog! I enjoy reading your encouraging and heartfelt posts. I also love that you’re doing an Anthropologie gift card giveaway! I’ve been dreaming of owning the fun Negative Space wedges since I received their Spring catalogue in the mail. I’m also loving the Verdant Slip dress for summer!



I follow you, of course.

If I won, I’d probably spend it on clothes or something from the “at the desk” items. so hard to decide!


So fun! I’ve never purchased anything from anthro because I can’t afford it, but I’ve always admired their clothing from a distance. I would use the $50 to get something cute for myself. I just got back from 6 months abroad with YWAM (Youth With A Mission, also known as Youth Without Any Money)!

I’m a follower through Google friend connect, and I’d probably use the gift card for a vintage dress (love vintage!), or I’d use it on homewares for my hope chest:)

Congrats on your blog growth! I would love to get some new summer pieces for my wardrobe!

YAY! Anthropologie is one of my favorite places. It would be extra wonderful to have a gift card! Umm, I would probably use the gift card for some pretty home decor! Or maybe a purse. Or a dress?!
Thanks for the giveaway sweet friend!

I would use the $50 towards something fun and springy for myself. I just got back from 6 months abroad with YWAM (Youth With A Mission, aka Youth Without Any Money)!


I love Anthropologie! I would find a lovely dress to wear out in the sunshine! :)

Ooh. I love Anthropologie! I would totally spend it on clothing. ;)
I’m a follower!

Congrats!!! :)

I’d use the $50 for clothes because I could use some new stuff. :)

I LOVE them! I collect their aprons, as I’m quite the messy baker!

Oooh what I great giveaway! I already follow your blog! What would I do with a $50 giftcard? Well, I would head to my local Anthropologie store and check out their sale items first. I love their handtowels and aprons! And if none of the sale items suited my fancy I would buy a new set of sheets or one of their amazing unique pillows for my hopechest. :)

Wow! 600! I will be grateful when I get to 100 ;). Which I’m not too far away from!
I would spend $50 on a new dress to wear this summer.

I posted to Facebook!

I tweeted!

I tweeted about the giveaway too!!/smeyleigh

I would most certainly buy myself something for the kitchen! Maybe a pretty apron or an owl cookie jar :)

Talia Christine

I’ve been following you for a while in Google Reader after finding you through Bluebird Vintage. I LOVE your blog!!!

And I LOVE Anthro!!! Thanks for a great giveaway. I’ve been antsy to redecorate, so I’d use it for home decor!

i love anthro, so this is like my dream giveaway! congrats on reaching 600 hundred!
i would spend the $50 on items for my home, since i’m going to be moving soon!


This would be for me… For shoes!!!


I follow.

your blog is always enjoyable to read and look at…it doesn’t surprise me that you’ve reached 600 followers!! {i’ve been following for awhile now.} as for anthro…i’m a shoe lover and that store NEVER disappoints in that category!! :)


I love Anthro!! I would use the giftcard on some cute curtains I’ve been wanting.

Congrats on 600 followers!

definitely definitely on some new clothes for warm weather : )

Hmmm. That is tough. I would have to say I’d either get a new dress or something for my room!

Hooray!! hmm..what I would spend it on is a hard one. I would probably buy something for my home since I’m newly out on my own and miss having clutter :)

what a great giveaway! i would probably get a new dress!

clothes! clothes! clothes! i need spring clothes! :)

Just found your blog recently and love it – I’m subscribed via googlereader. I would use the gift card towards a dress… Anthro has the loveliest dresses!

ooo what a great giveaway!!

If I won this I would probably use it to get myself something nice :) Since having our 2nd daughter nothing quite fits right and it would be nice to feel pretty again!

yay! i love anthro too!
i would love to buy some more kitchen things, things that ive always loved and wanted to buy there, but always talk myself out of it, bc its for, well my kitchen! hah

congrats on 600 followers! yayy


I’m now following your blog…I’ve been meaning to for awhile now : )

I would definitely use the gift card to purchase more food styling props. I want to do my part to take dominion of the health food industry for Christ by exposing raw and whole foods in a beautiful way!

God Bless!

P.S. I’m also following you on twitter now : )

I tweeted this.

I facebooked this.

I follow via Google Friend Connect! I would definitely use the gift card on a new top. Our current budget doesn’t allow any new springy clothes so this would be such a gift!

I would use it to get a t-shirt or a dress for summer! It would be lovely to not go thrifting for once. lol And enjoy the benefits of NOT having to spend any unnecessary money as well. I love your blog and thank you for being such a great giver!


there are oh so many ways i could spend money at anthropologie, but right now i would probably use it to send my momma & big sister mother’s day gifts. they are both extraordinary women who did a fantastic job raising kids with very little. i would love to send them something cute and special!

i absolutely love anthro! if it wasn’t so expensive i would definitely shop there all the time! i would use the gift certificate for some home decor i have had my eye on for a while or i would put it towards a dress for my rehearsal dinner:)

i follow you with google friend connect.

Alex Sager

oh.em.gee. i love anthro.
i might just buy the first thing i see because i love it that much.

p.s. pick meee! pick me!

I love Anthropologie! This is an amazing giveaway!! Congrats on 600 followers!!! I have been looking for a dress for my little one’s birthday party, so this gift would come so handy! I love their dresses!

I love their clothes and would be sure to buy a fun date night dress! :)

Thanks for all your words of wisdom to young women like me!



I became a follower and also shared your link on facebook-!/profile.php?id=742159960

I would use the gift card to buy a cute summer accessory or shirt; or use it toward a gift for my almost-married sister. :)

Oh my gosh. The idea of actually purchasing something from Anthropologie! I would use it as a down payment on a cute summer dress!

I love Anthropologie! I’d definitely buy myself a new dress.

I could spend hours looking through all the random decor items found throughout the store. I would love to get an anthropologie skirt!

yayyy. I loveee this!!

I’m a soon to be college graduate, would love to decorate a new apt. with this card!

Yay best giveaway!! I follow via bloglovin’!! I’d definitely put it towards a dress I’ve had my eye on and have been waiting to go on sale!

Natalie Barnes

I would use this gift card for coffee mugs for the (fixer upper) house I made an offer on today!!!! :)

Well, I’m already a Google follower, but I just posted a link about your giveaway on my Facebook Wall and left a comment about your blog: If I won, I would get decor for our home FOR SURE! I’ve only been to Anthropologie ONCE and I LOVED it! Gregg and I were up in Orange County at our first Married Couples’ Retreat a couple years ago and we were given some free time during our weekend. So we chose to visit Fashion Island and there it was! Gregg and I both thought the store was VERY creative and had A LOT of fun looking through it. I’ll see if I can whip up a blog entry about your giveaway. =)

P.S. Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s been REALLY cool to see how your blog has grown. I’m glad it’s reaching so many people! ♥

oh my gosh, best giveaway EVER. i’d use it for a mother’s day gift!

Woot woot! Just found your blog, and I’m happy I did! I would probably use the card on clothes :)

oh my gosh, best giveaway EVER! i’d use it for a mother’s day gift.

I’m following you both through bloglovin and google friend connect! Your blog has been such an encouragement in my life! Especially your recent post on “Is he the one?” It was so spot on!!!


this is such a great great giveaway!! you always seem to have the best. i would spend it on a fancy shirt or skirt, I’m in love with their clothes! :)

I tweeted about your lovely giveaway here—–>!/MiaHelenChristy

I would love to get some of Anthro’s beautiful glasses or put this money towards buying a beautiful dress!!!


facebooked it! :)

obviously I follow you :)

And dude. Do I ever love Anthropologie? I would definitely use it for some great plates for the kitchen. Nothing says home like cute colors and warm designs.

Congrats! I’m so happy to have found your blog. I can only imagine how much it will continue to grow. :)

I would use the giftcard for shoes. lol! I saw a pair of yellow wedges on a fashion blog and bookmarked the page – they are lovely.

congratulations on six hundred followers! so exciting :)
anthropologie = my love. it inspires me so much every time I go there…lovely giveaway!

I’d love to buy something for myself, but I’d probably end up buying something for the house. I always do. Or, they have these darling aprons for little girls. I could buy one for my daughter.

Fun contest! I’m all sorts of in love with everything I’ve seen online. If I won, I’d use it to buy a new skirt for summer. (Which is FINALLY on it’s way) Hooray!

Um, blog lovin’ is pretty awesome. (I would use the gift card for gifts! I have three wedding and two baby showers already upcoming this spring/summer.)

I tweeted (@pastorsgirl)!
Annnd, because I forgot to add it to my last comment ;), I think I’d spend my fifty dollars on either a pretty dress, jewelry, or those to-die-for latte bowls. It would definitely be a hard choice!

I’m a follower and so glad you have had the luck of getting so many followers to rapidly. You really deserve it! :) Let’s see I think I would use the giftcard to buy either clothes or home decor.

I will definitely use it for wardrobe additions or home goods.


Love your blog! I’ve been following for a few months now :)

I would put the finishng touches on my 1 month old son’s nursery – I’ve been wanting to buy the brass animal hooks from anthro for awhile now, but haven’t gotten around to it. He has brass animal head knobs from anthro on his dresser and the hooks would match perfectly :)

I’m a follower of yours through GFC and I would definitely spend this gift card on a dress!

If this were Facebook I would have clicked the “Like” link to your comment. Anthropologie has some CUTE aprons! My husband would want me to get one. =)

i would buy a lovely dress to wear to a summer wedding :)

Just followed on bloglovin! I would definitely put the gift card towards redecorating my bedroom!

Hmmm…honestly, I would probably give the gift-card to a friend of mine; she loves Anthro and her birthday is coming up! It would be so perfect.

How sweet of you, Arielle!

I would definitely use this card for a beautiful new spring dress!



Awww… that’s sweet. =)

Ha, ha! You can ♥ Like your blog posts on Bloglovin’! I decided to follow through them because I don’t get email notifications when you post a new entry through Google. I signed up for Google Reader, I think, awhile ago. Is that the same as Google Friend Connect?

I love your blog, it is such an encouragement to me!

Any who, I would definitely use this little card on home decor and jewelry. I love Anthro’s little trinkets and treasures!!!

i just became a follower (though I had been reading for a few weeks)! i’d use the gift card for clothes! i always look at anthropologies clothes collection but have never bought anything

The kitchen section of anthro always gets me.


It would most likely go towards my purchase of wedding shoes :)

I’m a follower of your blog! Love it! And I would use the gift card towards new shoes!

600! Giirrl!! Congrats! Wow, I would definatly spend this giftcard for some kind of room decor or something for my kitchen:)

I’d probably use it to buy my sister’s birthday present! Great giveaway!

I tweeted about this!


This is awesome, thank you & congrats on all your blog readers!
I would use this gift card for home decor! Hopefully would find something in that section for my wedding.

Great giveaway! I would use it for home and clothes! :)

I posted about the giveaway and your blog on my blog: =)


I would use it for new summer clothes.
I follow with Google Friend Connect (maxfate)

I would love a new summer dress or a sweet pair of shoes. I love Anthro! <33

what a great giveaway! I am a new follower and would love to buy a little something for myself with this gift card!

i tweeted!

I would love to shop at anthropologie for the first time! :D


ooh what an amazing giveaway! i have been a follower through GFC for a few weeks now and I would most definitely use the gift card toward buying some new curtains or a bedspread for our apartment :) thanks for the chance!

I would use this lovely giftcard to decorate my new home. I’m getting married next month and my fiance and I have basically nothing to fill our tiny one bedroom apartment! This would be the perfect start! Maybe put it towards a lamp? I love lamp.

Love wishing after everything in anthro, especially the home stuff – with this gift card I could actually buy something :)

Anthropologie is so awesome! With the giftcard I’d buy a bunch of drawer knobs I love collecting them and they have some of the coolest one’s around! And I love crafting with them!

I just found anthro and would probablly get some clothes!!!!
I am a new follower!


Wow, this is a wonderful giveaway! I’d probably use the gift card on shoes or accessories, since anthropologie’s clothing doesn’t always fit me. =)

eee! I’d use it on a dress i’ve been swooning over for ages! What a great giveaway.

Wonderful giveaway! I’d consider getting some Spring clothes.


Awesome giveaway thanks!!

I also retweeted! @birdbrainsblog

and here’s one for my facebook post


I would definitely by something new and springy… since it finally got warm here in northern minnesota! It hit 50 today! woohoo Love your blog and photos, its nice to see a true depiction of young women with a relate-able vision of faith and relationships through the lenses of relationship with Jesus. Thanks for your inspiration and honesty.

Kate Asire

Hello! Your blog is lovely. I would use the giftcard to do a mini makeover for our bedroom. In sad need of perking up!

Oh, boy…. Anthropologie. :) I’d definitely use the $50 on the sale rack and snag myself something cute to wear. There’s a specific top I have my eye on, actually, that I’d probably buy. :)

I follow through bloglovin’
I’d probably spend it on clothes or shoes!

Oh and I retweeted your tweet about the giveaway just now. :)


I went to Anthropologie for the first time this fall! I loved everything! I would probably get some things to help decorate our house, loved all their cute home things!


I tweeted about the giveaway!!/niquel07


I would use this giftcard for clothes, or maybe something cute for my dorm room next year!

WOW! Look at all the comments you’ve gotten so far! I follow you via google. I would probably buy myself a new piece of clothing to wear to work or out on a nice date. :-)


I tweeted this too :)

Jen W

Probably some pretty decorations for my house!

Awesome giveaway! And I am a recent follower of your blog and I enjoy your insights. :-)

I would use the gift card on home decor – I need to start planning out a nursery ;-)

blogged about it :)


Yay Arielle! That is awesome! I’m glad you reached your goal :)
I would take my fiance with me to pick out our first mantel decoration, for our first fireplace, in our first home together! :)


I would use my gift card to give as a gift to my dad’s girlfriend to decorate their new home. I’m not there to see my father and his girlfriend, and beautiful sister. I would love to give them something that would brighten their home.

oooh, pick me! I would choose a dress, like I always do when i walk into anthro. And i’m already a follower, of course :)

I would definitely purchase some pretty little trinkets for my house! I love the “Biscuit” latte bowls they sell and I’ve been looking for a new quilt for ages… Perhaps some extra dollars would be the push I need to buy myself something pretty! =)

<3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

this giveaways is a dream! I already follow you & it would be hard to choose between clothes and decor, they have so many fabulous things!!!

I follow via bloglovin’! I would spend it on either clothing or home cute home accessory!


im your google friend.:) I would love to get myself some new sheets. Mine ripped and I really need to find a replacement for them. Antropologie has a great selection.

oh my goodness…dream give away! I would use the card for clothes!!!!

Oh I agree I love anthropologie but can’t really ever afford anything from there. I would use the gift card to buy a summer dress, or to buy some cute door knobs for a project I want to try. Well again thanks for writing. I enjoy reading and maybe I’ll win :).

I would definitely use the gift card to buy some fantastic new clothes for the warm summer months ahead!

Congratulations on 600 followers!

The best givaway I’ve ever entered! I’m a follower and I have no idea what I’d spend it on…maybe glasses to finish a set I’ve started and clothes.

Jessica Williams

You are on my google reader girl!! Love your blog, congratulations on the 600! I would get something for my house, I never have from there but have always wanted to!

already a follower! great giveaway :)

emily fregin

I have also admired the amazing things in this store but it is quite pricey…i would use the giftcard to buy home decor. I’m going to be saving so that one day I can decorate my apartment in Anthropologie ;)

I would use the gift card to buy some unique knobs for these two end table dressers my grandma gave me when I got married in July- my grandma has had these dressers around for years and now I have them and I want to give them a nice face lift :) I would also love to get a special little tea cup for my tea and some clothes would be great!
Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

I just posted your blog on my facebook page!!!!

I am now following you on Bloglovin’. :) I would probably go for one of their delicate or pendant necklaces.

i’ve been a follower through GFC and lalaloveeee anthropologie but like everyone else can’t afford it unless i am lucky and find something on the sale rack, hah! i would use this towards buying my sister her confirmation dress this upcoming may, since i’m her sponsor and love her that much :)

if i was to win:

i would send my gift card over to friend in muizenberg, cape town and allow her and her husband to get a fruit bowl. i was going on a road trip to capetown and the girl i was suppose to go with pulled out on me the night before because of issues. i had saved up for this trip for so long and i wasn’t going to miss seeing my friend’s band, scarlet hill, perform in capetown. so i prayed, as i was flipping out about the whole thing, me going to cape town by myself?! i phoned my friend and she said, phone jade, she just moved to cape town. God’s love and grace poured out on me. i didn’t deserve this whole insane trip, but it worked out every bit of the way. jade and sean took me under there wing. they had just got married, so not only was i able to encounter the godly marriage life of newly wedds, but i also got to check out scarlet hill.

why the fruit bowl you ask? well every morning, sean would miss the fruit because it was in the draws and he would say to jade, love, we need a fruit bowl.

they need a fruit bowl. :)

p.s i don’t know if this applies to south africans? oh well.



loveee anthro.
i just walk aroiund in there and feel better :)
i’d go with candle sticks or plates or bowls probably!

congrats on 600!! yay


Awesome :)
I would use the gift card to buy some decor since I will be moving to a brand new apartment in the city soon!


Oh man great giveaway!! I would for sure use the giftcard for home decor! Love it. Thanks!!

It would be so tough narrowing down what I would want to get, because I love everything there, but I’m in search for a fun and colorful new spring/summer dress. Thanks for the chance!

I tweeted about the giveaway!!/jlynn_wilb
Hopefully you’ll get plenty of new followers!

This is the best giveaway ever- I just love anthro! I would probably use the $$$ to buy something for my sister. She’s coming home from college in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to see her!

Yay! I love your blog and so happy that you’ve reached 600!

hmmm Anthropology is one of my favorite stores but I only shop in the back sale room. This will give me a chance to buy some new dining room accessories… I’m thinking one of their cute table clothes.

So fun, I’m just really happy for you!

I think if I won I’d use it on home decor! I’ve got the decorating bug lately.


I am a new follower on Google Friend Connect! I would put it towards a white summer blazer.


Also I follow you on blog lovin’ and I have your blog on my blog!

I am restoring an old dresser and I would love to buy some of their amazing hardware!

I forgot to mention I am following you through Google.


I would use the 50 dollars to buy myself a cute new summer dress :)

anthropologie is hands down my favorite store. if i won the gift card i think i’d get a new necklace to jazz up a dress i plan to wear when i take my husband out to celebrate his graduation:)

Awesome giveaway! I’m a follower…I would buy something cute for my future house (we are just starting the house hunting process)!


I’d use this to buy a new dress for summer! I can’t wait for the warm months to hit.

I would use it to refresh my style with one lovely thing! I am a new mom and could use a lil’ pick me up.



I would love to use the gift card for a new dress to wear on a date with my sweetie!

I love Anthro! I would use this to purchase some spring accessories! xoxo

Yay! Thanks for sharing this – I LOVE anthropologie.
I’m already a follower via GFC :) I’d definitely use the gift card towards decorating my apartment next semester – I’m so excited about it!

What a sweet idea, Arielle!! They have so many adorable things … hmmm, how to choose what I would do with a gift card?! Well, a bright new scarf for spring would be fun, then again, they have some nice journals, too! :)


I too LOVE Anthropologie and can always find something for myself, my home, or a gift. I have recently become a new momma, so I would love to spend it on something to spruce up my look!

First: I adore, adore, adore, your blog. It’s the first Christian one I’ve found–how beautiful! You do a wonderful job teaching others how to live a more lovely life.

I assume this doesn’t need to be said…but I follow your blog.

I’m an undergrad English student (struggling writer/photographer) and I’m lucky enough to be able to study literature in Ireland next year…I would ABSOLUTELY without a shadow of a doubt use the 50$ to buy something elegant and classy to have with me in Europe–as a college student I don’t neccessarily have enough money to buy as many clothes as I like (although I am extraordinarily and unfortunately fond of fashion…).

Thank you so much for reading and inspiring and dreaming beautiful dreams!


I heart anthropology and I love your blog!!! If I had a $50 gift card I would buy some cute decore for my son’s nursery and a little something new for myself. I am expecating my first little bundle of joy in May and my husband and I are so excited to have a little boy running around. After what seems like an enternity of being pregnant I would love to be able to get something nice for myself besides maternity clothes :) and as you know buying things for your little one is always fun!

i love anthropologie, but like you said, they are quite pricey…
if i won this gift card, i would go and buy myself a pretty summer dress! i love their dresses – so sweet and sophisticated, but still playful and fun!
*fingers crossed*
thanks again :)


I have never bought anything from anthropologie and i’ve heard it is expensive so i’ve never even looked and tempted myself but some of the previous commentors have some great ideas, i’d love some new clothes for myself that are not maternity (I have a 4 month old, he has the same outfit your little one was wearing in the easter post :) Although a cute apron would be nice too :)
I’ve followed you through google reader for a while now- not sure what google friend connect is though…

i love anthro and am moving into a new house this summer and would love some new dishes! :)


arielle, you are a doll and I love how you share your faith in God through your lovely blog. I would definitely buy some of Anthropologie’s bowls. So whimsical! Have an awesome day!

i would use the gift card to buy a new dress for when i finally get to see my boyfriend this summer :)

i tweeted about your giveaway!

This is a fantastic giveaway! My sister Erica recently got married and I would love to get her something for her new house!

i added a link to my facebook wall about your giveaway!


a new summer dress of course!

I’m a follower! And I’d use the $50 toward some new clothes! I need them, badly! :)

I followed your blog!
I think I might use this gift card for clothes.
They do have some pretty cute clothes:)
xxo. Jazzie


I’d like to say I might use it on something for our house but I can rarely choose anything over clothes!!! I love reading your blog!!

I would use the gift card in my favorite section of Anthro–the sale room! I just scored the cutest dress and shirt at 50% last weekend and I have my eye on a few other pieces!

You’re just the best!

I’d get me some new spring clothes. ;)

Yay! I love your blog so much! I would pick out something for my new place with my soon to be hubby. We’re so young and have NOTHING. I love anthro :)

Great giveaway! I’ve never shopped there before. I actually never really buy anything for myself. It’s all for the boy :)) but this would be great this mama could use some new clothes :)


I also follow on GFC- M’s Mama


If I could, I would live there. Everything suits my taste perfectly! I would get some pretty curtains and tea cups. Random…

Oh my this is so nice of you! I would def have to use the giftcard to get some new cute summer clothes, preferably a dress!


I would use the card to purchase something fun for my son noah’s room, something he would enjoy looking at from his crib.

I could live at Anthro – seriously love that place. As for $50? I am lusting after some home accessories for our new house.

oh how sweet Arielle! I would probably choose something from home decor. They seem to have lovely decor items.

Mindie P.

I follow your blog via GFC. I would use the gift card to help purchase one of their fabulous spring dresses.

Mindie P.

congrats on all the followers, you have a lovely blog! :)
i would love this, because my birthday is on may 2nd, so i would get myself something special… :) & of course i am a follower of your blog!

I just started following your blog through google friend connect. I haven’t formerly introduced myself, so hello there!

I think I’d probably buy a pretty spring top or dress to wear on my vacation next month! Anthropologie is my favorite, but I can rarely afford it. :)


Ohh! Excellent giveaway!

I’d treat myself to something lovely to wear! We’re newlyweds, just moved, and are both in new jobs so we have zero money that isn’t tied up in absolutely necessary expenses. I haven’t purchased new clothes for myself in forever! So, I’d use it for a sweet little pick-me-up just in time for summer!


I love your blog and I love anthropologie!!!! If i win I will get some cute bowls to put some cute earrings in!!! Congrats on all the followers…I look forward to the day I can celebrate having 600 followers!


I forgot to leave my email.

Just added you to my Google Reader! Love your blog. Found it through your post on modesty being tweeted. :)

Oh annnnd I would use that $50 for something for my upcoming weddinnnggg. <3

– lauren xoxo

email: laurennicolelove at
twitter: @laurenlankford

not sure how exactly i’d spend mine.. but i would just loveLOVE walking in that place knowing i HAD to buy something. ;)

a friend sent me over from a link and what a gorgeous blog here~ hope to know you better!

thanks for the great giveaway. crossing my fingers here. :)


omg. with this many comments – its obviously aamazing!!!

1. i am a follower :)
2. with $50 at anthro i would get something for our (bf&my) apartment. i am on a strict budget, but would love to add something fun to our living space.

thank you!!

What a fun giveaway! I love Anthropologie :) I would totally use this gift-card to find some things to decorate my apartment!

i would totally use it to purchase a gift for my Pastor’s wife. Her 50th birthday is coming up and I really want to bless her with something spectacular from her favorite store.

Many blessings.


I would so love to win this giveaway….I would either put the $ towards a cute sundress or something for my kitchen (which we are in the process of renovating!) Just found your blog and love it!

Following by Google reader

Oh my goodness let the winner be me! (: I don’t go shopping much anymore but I am dying to! I would use it towards a nice piece for church. Crossing my fingers & toes (:

Definitely a follower! Would buy me clothes. Need anything new in the way of clothes!

Just tweeted it!!!! =)


I found your blog through Megan Ondr! I love it! I would love love love to win the gift card, because I am currently saving up to study abroad in Australia and will be needing a few anthro essentials to take with me!


I tweeted!!! @littlereese


I also now follow you on google reader.

I follow your blog and although I’ve not commented much yet I am enjoying it very much! :) I love Anthropologie and would probably buy a gift or two with my GC!

600 followers is quit the accomplishment!! you are lovely. your family is lovely and i am so happy for you! keep sharing that beautiful heart of yours:)


I’m a follower.
I would definitely splurge on an article of clothing for myself that I might not otherwise buy! Thanks!

Anthropolie is one of my mom’s favorite store and her bday and mothers day is coming up. I would use it to get her something.

With the $5o.00 giftcard I would spend the money on stuff for my kitchen. My roommate bought a really cute cup at Anthropologie and we would like to get more!

My Mister and I moved into his grandparent’s old house – I’d use the Anthro card to pick up a few things to make this old home look young again!

Oh! How fun. I would definitely try to buy a new dress or something pretty to wear. :)

I’m a follower of yours too!!! An Anthro giftcard would be awesome…. I’d probably use it towards a purchase of one of their colorful quilts….beautiful!
my email:


I follow via GFC & would probably spend the giftcard on clothes!

seashell210 at gmail dot com


Posted your giveaway on my blog:

seashell210 at gmail dot com

YAY for 600 followers! You are amazing, girl!

I think I might put it towards a pretty Spring dress. Or maybe something for my home? Anthro is my favorite store, so I would definitely have a hard time deciding. :)

I just watched your modesty video and it cut me to the heart. There are sooo many nice clothes there… that just aren’t helping my brothers. I would love this voucher to go buy something that is gorgeous… and MODEST! For the guys. xxx

I just got married and our decorating budget is very small! It would be so great to have extra help from Anthro!


I am a follower :) I would definitely use the giftcard to buy clothing for our honeymoon. I’m getting married in July & would love some new clothes for our trip.

Hi Arielle! I would LOVE THIS! I do not usually shop in Anthro, but do dream over the gorgeous pieces and window shop. I would use this toward a beautiful spring/summer dress!


& i love that we are both part of faithblogs :)

status updated!

All those weddings I am going to this summer….I need a new dress! :)

hello sweet friend! i love this giveaway! i would either use it to buy something lovely for my home, or for a darling summer dress!

tweeting about it now…

updated my status on fb too!!

My roommates and I just rented a new apartment, and it’s so bare! We don’t even have a kitchen table! I would love this giftcard to purchase some fun things to spice up our apartment and make it less sad :)

I would use it on new clothes for myself (can’t afford to buy any in light of saving for my up and domcing wedding) or something for hubs-to-be and I’s future apartment!

I’ve never bought anything from Anthro before! Love to use it for clothes :)

the ways I would use it… oh goodness! too many! But knowing me, I’d probably spend part of it on special gifts for kindred spirit friends<3 Thanks for hosting this sweet giveaway!


I’m getting married on May 7! We need bowls, and this would be perfect!



Following you and posting this on my twitter and FB!


I would most likely use this for mothers day! My momma loves anthropologie!

600 followers is A LOT! What a fun giveaway.

My little sister adores this store… I would give the giftcard to her. I like the store, but not nearly as much as she does. Maybe I’d split it with her, since I do like their grocery pads :)

oh, I tweeted this giveaway.

I left a FB link on my profile… here is the link, but my profile is private. Not sure if it would show.

ME ME! :)

I just found your blog through faith blogs. Wonderful photography! I love anthropologie. I’ve actually been checking out their housewares recently. Love their knobs and fixtures.


clothes! without a doubt, clothes. thanks!

If given the opportunity, I would LOVE to use the giftcard to buy my mother something special for Mothers day! I am so poor in college and I don’t have the means to buy her something nice, that she for sure deserves. Help a sista out!

Probably a floaty sundress to pack with me to Paris this summer :)


i am also linking to facebook.

not sure why but my previous comment didnt post. here goes again. i was just on anthro’s website the other day and there was a yellow blouse i really like. pretty sure i would buy that. thanks for the giveaway!!

Who knows? some knobs, shower curtain, a fun scarf, so many pretty things it can drive me crazy to browse.

My word. Anthropologie is my most favorite store. I would used the giftcard to buy the bird door knocker I absolutely love. This poor college student can’t buy anything there.


I would definitely spend this baby on clothing!


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