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happy easter!

hope you had a beautiful easter sunday! these are some pictures from our day. there was lots of visiting family! we spent time with jay’s family and my family as well & loved it! leland did too :) easter is one of my favorite holidays not only because of spring and the beauty of new life but because Jesus is alive. amen!

enjoy your sunday…



Amen! Happy Easter to you and yours. Also I love those little sugar coated cadbury eggs in the top pic :) addicting!

looks like your Easter was special. Your pictures turned out great!

Just discovered your blog and my, are you not the cutest thing ever?? :-) What an adorable family you have. Enjoyed reading a little bit about you and your sweets and love that you give God the glory. Happy Easter!

Happy easter to you! Love the photo of Leland in the bunny ears, too cute. xx

how fun! Looks liked you all had a great day :D

Happy Easter to you too, Arielle! Beautiful photos, as always! :)

haha The simple “haha” caption on his picture with the bunny ears is too funny! I literally laughed out loud and his expression too…it’s just too perfect! ;)

Glad you had a great Easter! He is risen!! Hooray!!


amen!! love these pictures. Happy Easter, sweet lady!

Oh, yall are so cute!!!! Leland and his bunny ears: priceless!!!

Eggies! Yum.

Looks like your Easter was blessed! Such beautiful pictures. Such a lovely family you have. Leland is so sweet with his bunny ears and big, big smile. My Easter was also filled with family, which was perfect. And studying (not so perfect).

Happy Easter, Arielle! Babies in bunny ears are the cutest!

And beautiful photos as usual. : )



These photos are adorable! So glad you had a great Easter weekend : ) And what a delicious basket of peeps and candy!

I stole your happy resurrection phrase for my blog. Plus I just thought it made too much sense not to use it. Christ is risen INDEED! I’m glad you and the hubby had a great time with family and being with those you love. I like the picture with you and your hubs and his hands on his waist. So funny. You guys must have so much fun together.


love you!

your photos are lovely!! looks like you had a great easter with your sweet family. we did as well:) it was a sweet celebration!

happy easter you gorgeous people! ;)

looks like you had a beautiful Easter weekend:)

Beautiful shots – looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I love the composition and processing of the first shot.

Looks like a wonderful Easter!

P.S. I’m hosting a fun accessories swap over on my blog today and I’d love for you to join in!

You have a beautiful family! I’m visiting from FaithBlogs! I love your blog and I’m definitely a new follower! Have a wonderful day and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

So glad you had a beautiful Easter day with Jesus, and family, Arielle! I’m lovin’ the pictures, especially the one of Leland with those ears on … ha ha! :) So adorable!! Hope your whole week is filled with His blessings!

Leland is the cutest little thing in those bunny ears! :)

Glad you guys had a wonderful Easter! Great photos! :)

i love that jay gave you an easter basket–so cute! leland looks adorable in his ears! sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

Your little one is precious in those bunny ears and I love the cute photo of you and your husband. What a sweet holiday! Glad you had a good one!


thank you so much amylou! :)


thank you melisande!
have a great week :)


thank you deborah :)
hope you & yours had a blessed easter!
have a beautiful week!


thank you sarah ann! :) many blessings…


oh awesome! definitely going to check it out :)


thank you ashley :)


awesome! :) hope you had a wonderful easter cheche!
many blessings…have a beautiful week! <3


thank you katie :)
have a beautiful week!


haha…thank you danica! :)
have a blessed week!


thank you stacey :) hope you had a great easter.


yes! they are soo addicting!

that’s how we spent our day too! just visiting with family.

Looks like you guys had an amazing Easter! Love that picture of Leland .. .what a cutie!

oh my word, i love leland’s face.

amen, Jesus is ALIVE. God is so good.

Beautiful pics…what a truly happy Easter you had! :)

Jay made you an Easter basket?! That is SO cute! LOVE the flowers too. And the bunny ears on Leland were SO cute! They had some CUTE headbands like that in the dollar section at Target (bunny ears, flower petals, butterfly wings, etc.). I had to resist though. However, I DID buy a book for Leala titled “Turtles Take Their Time: Rabbits Really Rush.” I thought it had a good moral lesson and would be a GREAT addition to her book collection. =) ♥

Your blog is gorgeous! I hope you had a really wonderful Easter – it sure looks like it from these photos!

I think it is one of the sweetest things in the WORLD that your husband made you an easter basket! I mean seriously! You have a blessing for a husband!

Happy Easter, Arielle!

As usual, you have a beautiful way of capturing images.

– Amber xxx

Happy Easter!!! I love your photos of the weekend. Great verse, too! :)

happy easter :) your photos looks great, and im glad you had a good weekend xx


yes he did! i felt like a little kid again- lol! yea we got those little ears at the dollar store ;) oh my! that sounds like such an adorable book! cute!! hope you all had a blessed easter!

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