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there is sunshine. wahooo! finally!

about those south of us who lost their homes and family. have you seen the pictures? crazy how the weather can change so quickly. my thoughts and prayers are with them.

a lot. i was having a rough day yesterday and then i passed an older man who was blind. what do i have to complain about? i can see. ¬†later on in the day i passed a girl who couldn’t walk and was in a wheelchair. i can run, walk through the fields, and dance with my little boy. there truly is so much to be thankful for. my little inconviences are so small.

adobe lightroom. man oh man, you’d think it’d be easy after using photoshop for years but i’m learning a lot.

a new study/office room.. i will have to do a little “before and after” post when it’s finished. we just finished painting it but there are still things to do.

to spend all day outside tomorrow. 75 degrees and sunny sounds like perfect weather.

the purest place by watermark… never ever get tired of hearing this song.

to go to a bluegrass festival this year. does that sound really redneck? if you live in california or something i’m sure it does. :) oh well, i’m talking about a nice one- like an outdoor concert type thing with mumford & sons. anywho…

are plants for my garden, just waiting and waiting to be planted. (it’s been to wet and rainy to plant anything outside yet.)

through the book of isaiah with jay.

is a weekend. happy friday!

the smoky mountains. this is random and may make me sound even more redneck but jay and i lived in the smoky mountains of tennessee right after we were married. for a whole three weeks! we could see the mountains from our back porch but 1. we lived in the middle of nowhere (at least it felt like it) 2. we spent almost all of our wedding money on a moving truck to move everything back north and 3. it is a really long story :) but it was beautiful…sort of like an extended honeymoon, haha.

have a beautiful day!



Ooh I have been wanting to go to the Telluride Bluegrass festival for so long!! Mumford & Sons will be there this summer, but it’s sold out :(

I too am overjoyed at the sun outside my window! We’ve had way too may clouds lately for this sunshine loving girl… ;)

And that photo is absolutely breathtaking. I can’t stop looking at it!

i’d loooooooove to see the smoky mountains. someday….someday.

I can’t believe what’s going on down South. Interestingly, I don’t know I know of any bloggers from that area. It would be interesting to hear their perspective. I’m so far up in the North, it’s hard to comprehend what’s going on…

I LOVE the smokies. So beautiful…we have been there a few times.

if bluegrass music and the smoky mountains make me a redneck, then i’ll take it. lol.
i love some good bluegrass music and being that we live so close to the smokies…i claim them as home. ;-)

thanks for posting those pictures from the storm destruction…we are heading back home to tn this weekend, in fact, to help friends who have lost their homes as well as work on getting our rental properties back in order. what a mess a storm can cause, for sure. i am so grateful that God is so much stronger. ;-)

so…i’d love to hear about your thoughts on lightroom. i am currently trying out elements right now and slowly learning the ropes. photoshop baby steps for me. i should probably just stick with it for a while since i have TONS to learn with elements alone.
i have heard great things about lightroom, though. i suppose i may try it out for a month once i’m done testing out elements (well, if my ancient computer will work with lightroom that is-ha!)

have a great weekend, arielle!

oh…and love the song you posted!!

This is a great post! I love mumford and sons, I’m actually listening to them as I type this!

that photo is gorgeous. i am also happy about sunshine today and i’m going to be spending much of my weekend outdoors as well! i can’t wait to have a little garden so i can plant! :)

I LOVE LOVE Mumford & Sons! I might have to look into the bluegrass festival as well!! Have a wonderful weekend!

love Mumford& Sons. Happy weekend girl! I hope you get to dance with Leland and lots of other fun stuff.


A bluegrass festival does not sound redneck, it sounds a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

You & Jay are a great inspiration for me, how I want my husband and I to put the Lord first in our relationship. :)

The Smoky Mountains look just beautiful…wow.

an extended honeymoon sure sounds great to me! Lovely photo – as always my dear!

Wow, that picture is amazing! So beautiful :)

I just love reading your daybook, it is so fun :) The picture of the mountains is gorgeous!

I’d love to see your before and after room post! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. x

haha. I love this. I think i should start one of these daybook ideas.

i just laughed when you said “mumford and sons”. ah. i love there music. last night me and my friend were driving back from a gig in durban and with the melodies of mumford & sons and fulka, it was such joy, even if it was from a cell phone. Down in sunny africa i hope for them to come visit sometime soon.

i love watermark! and i’m seeing mumford & sons in june.. i hope you get to see them at some point! and listen to bluegrass as well :)

Wow- where you lived, if only for three weeks, looked absolutely breath taking! And… i loved what you said: “my little inconveniences are so small.” LOVED IT!

I am from the Smoky Mountains, and they are beautiful, I agree! Yes, there are rednecks, but not all of us. :)


haha, i agree :) we just happened to be in the back woods or something ;)


thank you jhen! and yes, it was beautiful.. don’t yall live near mountains? your pictures always have gorgeous scenery!


oh you are lucky! let me know how they are live :)


oh i love mumford and sons! there needs to be more band like them, ya know? :)



thank you gaby!
hope you had a lovely weekend :)


thank you so much amy! :)


thank you christine :)


thank you so much :) that is so, so encouraging!
many blessings to you!


me too! thank you…hope y’all had a lovely weekend :)


awesome! i will definitely let you know how lightroom is :)
i’ve barely used it so far because i haven’t been on the computer much the past week but hopefully it is easy to figure out! ;)

that is wonderful that you live so close to the smokies! it is absolutely gorgeous there.

hope y’all had a blessed weekend!

1. a bluegrass festival is SO not redneck. sounds like fun…esp if Mumford’s there :)
2. I’m reading Isaiah…finding it a hard book to read, but loving it all the same.
3. I love the Smokies :)

i get to see these beautiful mountains everyday! it’s NOT redneck =)

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