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sweet summertime.

we took leland to his first mlb game a couple weeks ago. oh my goodness gracious, it was so very hot and humid….but we still enjoyed it. we’ve also been going to my brother’s baseball games here and there. maybe in a few years leland will be out there playing tball :)

sitting here the house is now quiet, leland is still asleep, and the day is just getting started. i haven’t posted in five days but i have good reasoning for this. to be honest, i may only post 2 times, maybe 3 times a week from now on. the next few weeks will be rather busy with several weddings to attend and photograph. any free time that i do have, i have been spending it answering emails, working on photos, or cleaning our messy house. these summer days have been full, enjoying time with my little guy and my husband. we’ve been swimming, spending time outside, and being with friends and family. don’t you love the summer months? do you have any exciting plans for the summer?

while the baby is still sleeping, i better get to work and get some things done before he wakes. going to spend some time in the Word with a nice cup of coffee. time is precious i tell ya. i hope you are enjoying your summer as well…be blessed today!



I l-o-v-e those chubby legs perched in a swing!

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These photos definitely speak of summer. So beautiful. I love your processing.

You take the most gorgeous photos! :)

your photos about sum up our summer!

whenever Kaylee is sleeping, I love trying to get work done, editing photos or cleaning the house :) arent they just so precious they are sleeping peacefully. Have a great summer, and I’ll be lucky if I can blog 3 times a week :D

So beautiful! Enjoy these summer days, Arielle!

I love the picture of Leland in the swing and all you can see is his feet! :)

Oh wow, Arielle. I’m continually amazed by your photography! I absolutely love baseball. I hope that if I have children some day, boy or girl, that they’ll like baseball too. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I hope you don’t get too overwhelmed with all those weddings! Hang in there!

Beautiful! I love that photo of the baseball ;)

Beautiful pictures. Love those chubby legs! Hope you enjoyed your time in the Word… those morning naptime coffee breaks are so precious.

I LOVE this post. The images are so lovely and baby chubs in the swing…Oh heavens. SOOOO sweet :)

Aw arielle we will miss you, so don’t go away altogether! and that is one adorable baby!x

I feel like my posting is slowing down a bit too. You are right. Time is too precious! Loved these images. Looks like you are having an amazing summer!

Great photos! We’re big baseball fans around here, too. I’m glad to hear that you guys are enjoying your summer! :)

I also find that delicate balance of amazing, wonderful, relaxing summer times and crazy, hectic, schedules with events and travel. It’s a beautiful thing for sure! Love the shot of leland’s legs in the swing :)

1. love the baseball pic.
2. love the little chunky legs. love love them.
3. told my hair dresser my goal is to have a side braid just like you.

awe, such lovely photos… summer is just full of sweet moments like these & i love them!! :)

Gorgeous flowers! And that’s one cute baby! =D

Enjoyed your pictures. Love the park pictures. So precious! I think my summer will consist of recovering. Hopefully I’ll be able to be up and about quickly afterward but I have nothing planned but lots of couch time. haha, enjoy your time in the word!


so i just wanted to say that i stumbled across your blog the other day in the process of making my own, and i was instantly hooked. i read all your older posts and wanted to say you are already an inspiration to me. you’re living the life that i always envisioned for myself in a few short years, and your attitude towards things is basically awesome. so thanks…and i’ll be reading on a regular basis now. :)
oh…and here’s my blog in case you want to take a look. it’s just a baby blog right now but it will grow up and have more posts soon. :)

Adorable photos filled with so much love! I am right there with you with the blog posting..I could never be a daily blogger..not when there is so much life to live! Have a blessed week!

You are right.. time is so precious! And I never realized it until I had my little one. Your little guy is so adorable! Our boys are only a few months apart :)

Can’t quite remember how I found your blog but I love it and will be following along from now on. You have the most adorable little family! May God bless the three of you!

Beautiful photos as usual. I love the summer time….but it’s just so busy! I don’t think I’ll be able to post as much either.

Such gorgeous photos, as always!

my exciting plans this summer…..


Chubby little Leland and beautiful arielle, it looks like you guys are having a wonderful summer :)

your summer looks perfect so far. love all your pictures.

Those little baby legs get me every time! Too cute. <3



Happy Summer! Those chubby legs in the swing… I love it!


thank you jessica :)


we are! hope you are having a wonderful summer as well :)


thank you chelsea!
having a baby sounds like a wonderful plan ;)


it is so busy! i feel like as we are getting older there are soooo many more wedding, wedding and baby showers, and family events to attend! haha! :)


thank you so much jessi! many blessings to you and yours :)


i agree! :) thank you so much! have a beautiful week!


hi leahnna! thank you so much for the sweet and encouraging words :) i truly appreciate it! i can’t wait to check out your blog :)
many blessings! <3


thank you as always emily! :) i’ll be emailing you back soon!


thank you natalie! :)


hahah…thank you! :)


thank you courtney!


yes…mine is definitely…must just be the summertime :) many blessings!


thank you brittany! :)


thank you so much anna :) many, many blessings!


thank you ashlee! :)


thank you so much scout! hope you are enjoying your summer so far :)


oh me too! those nap times are precious, aren’t they?! :)
many blessings!

Muddy garden boots + sweet babies = !!!

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