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i wanted to write a little “statement of faith” on my about page as to why i blog, what i blog about, and why. i want to keep this as my own reference whenever i start to question if i should post certain things on here or not… first and foremost, i want my blog to bring Christ glory rather than bring myself recognition. writing is one way that i can get my thoughts out, and i love to share about what i am learning and what the Lord is teaching me. my goal is not to write or share things for others’ approval, comments, etc.

for me, a blog is an online journal…a place to post pictures of our day to day life, family trips, and other special moments. a lot of those special moments through out the day i don’t always have a camera in my hand, and i love that. but for the moments that i do get to photograph, they are all a part of our journey. this is a great place for me to continue to use my photography and a wonderful artistic outlet. my goal is not to portray like i live a perfect live- because i certainly do not- although i do feel very blessed and am definitely thankful.

i don’t ever want to focus too much on materialism and fashion- or to be a stumbling block and cause others to covet or envy. as much as i do have an interest in fashion, i want to focus on the eternal more than the temporary.

in the end, this blog is just a small piece of my life. if it can be an encouragement in any small or big way, than praise the Lord. like mother teresa once said:

i hope you are having a beautiful day! thank you so much for all the sweet comments on my last post.



Nice to meet you, your blog is warm and welcoming. I have been thinking of the kind of photography I am for the longest time and might have to steal you words of “natural light” because that nails the kind of work I like to do as well! I’m glad I stumbled across the beautiful journey!

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this is so valuable. i may write one of these statements of purpose out for my blog as well… sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what will bring more people in or what would make me look cool or exciting, instead of honoring the Lord.

thank you, as always. : )

i love this! it’s why i blog too.

i love this. i blog for the same reasons. & i love how i have been encouraged through other ladies who blog because of that too. {especially you!}

this is beautiful

I definitely know I lose sight of why I started blogging or where I intended to go with it, so it’s nice to have that reminder and draw back into my original plan, which was for Him.
I’ve enjoyed your encouraging and often thought provoking posts, thanks! :)

Well said. Beautiful reminder.

It’s easy to get caught up in things and lose focus of why you set out on the journey in the first place. This statement of purpose is a great idea. I love your reasons for blogging and that you chose to share your heart with people the way you do. I know it’s been a blessing to me to read your entries and I know others feel the same way. :)

This was so inspiring! It reminded me of what truly is important. I needed the reminder too! I’ve been so caught up in my own life and haven’t really sat down to appreciate what God has blessed me with. Thank you :)

I completely relate to this post, I feel the same way and have often questioned whether or not I should share my faith or relationship with God and what He is doing in my life. At the end of the day we are the only ones that have to answer what we did with the life of His Son and I know I want to hear well done my good and faithfull servant…

You are my inspiration. This is SO awesome!

This is awesome Arielle! I need to get around to writing my own statement of faith on my blog here soon =)

that quote is my prayer. I want to be used and allow God to use me…


So, so beautifully written. I blog for something to look back on…for something for my son to look back on. And because I genuinely enjoy writing and connecting with other mom’s and people. :)

Being a part of the blogging world is tricky. I’ve blogged and read blogs since I was fourteen and everyone used It’s hard because a lot of people fall into the trap of using it to portray themselves how they really *wish* their life looked and to puff up their ego instead of being candid and real. In turn, others can fall into the trap of covet and envy and wishing their life was as good as the way they see others online. It’s something I’ve struggled with off and on.

But I think so long as we Christians keep our focus on Christ and on loving others above all things, then all else will fall in line. It’s a joy and blessing to read your blog, Arielle!

I think you do a pretty good job of making Christ the center of your attention, if you ask me!

;) It’s good to have interested (photography, our kids, trips, fashion, food) those are pleasures in life that bring us joy. We wouldn’t be who we are without the things we love-our hobbies. And those hobbies can relate us with others, but when they start to become our focus and stumbling blocks, it takes our eyes off of Christ. This is a good reminder not to be “of the world” but be “in the world” and in christ!

You are a beautiful example-

I love this idea. Your statement of faith is beautiful. It is so refreshing that you say that Christ is center, and it is actually evident. You and your little life are beautiful, but all just points to Christ. Well said.

Love you, girl. You are a shining example of Christ.

Can I tell you how much of a great example you are? You never fail to inspire me. Each post I read here on your blog leaves me motivated. People gravitate toward light and you indeed have the light of Christ in your life. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Thank you for sharing this! I have been a blogger for a few years now and have struggled with envy at times. For the past few months I have felt convicted that my blog showcased all my projects and or new hobbies (although not a bad thing in anyway) but I was doing it for recognition. I fell so ashamed but I realize that in this awesome community we have with fellow bloggers we can run into pitfalls. My husband keeps telling me with every post, be humble and give God the glory! He couldn’t be more right! Areille, you are beautiful and so is your blog and your heart to glorify Jesus…keep on blogging girl, because He is shining brightly through it!!!!

The other day I confessed to God that sometimes, okay most of the time my blog can be selfish or pointless and I had started it to be about him, to bring glory to him. I wanted it to be a place where I can be honest with my problems and struggles and reveal how God leads me through them. I wanted it to be a place where God could use little me to encourage people to look to him. Lately he has been doing just that and I am so humbled by his answered prayer!

Thank you for encouraging me! I appreciate your blog and always leave feeling blessed!

Well said! I’m adoring everything I’m seeing here ;)

Wow! This was so lovely and heartfelt!

i think these are such great things to think through. thanks for sharing your heart so freely.


That thought is beautiful…….I think that Jay is on the same page, in that thinking…….I told him about how i feel about tommy anytime he walks into a room or place where i am at……..My heart says…….” That’s My Man”…..What a secure precious feeling. Life is about those kinda’ thoughts while we are here in the flesh….the rest is petty…………Love Terra……”MaGe” lol

I have been pondering the same things as I start out blogging with my husband. We want to document our journey as we live far away from friends and family. But so many times my little blog seems silly or pointless. Thanks for sharing your mission.
Bless you!

This is great, thank you for sharing why you blog. I

I just want to tell you, your blog is a refreshing oasis in the midst of a vast blog world! The spirit that comes forth from your site is so pure and so full of Jesus – even without you mentioning why you blog. [Which, by the way, I loved hearing, because those are my basic statements as well.] I was introduced to your blog a short time ago, and was so excited to see it – what a beautiful thing to see someone portray Christianity so well; boldly and yet gracefully. Thank you for showing Jesus without apology, and without being round-a-bout with it. You are so refreshingly real and honest! Blessings to you and your dear little family!

The intent and purpose of your blog is why it’s one of my favorites! And I LOVE when you post Mother Teresa quotes! I watched the movie last week and that “pencil” line was in there! =)

I loved this! I think that was the perfect statement of faith for your blog! I feel like it reflects everything I’ve read her so far perfectly.
Love the quote from Mother Teresa. I’ve never heard that one before, but I think it is my favorite. A great reminder of how we should let Jesus use us for his glory!


I am so proud of you, you have always been special not only to me, no your influence and impact has no limit. Thank for being who you are. Love you tons.

Looking forward to reading your posts :)

Arielle. I always find the words God places in your mouth encouraging! I haven’t been blogging a lot because often I don’t know what to post up? In design class we were told to start up a blog for recognition. I must admit, God is working on my many stumbling blocks and one of them has always been feeling excepted. It something that has truly always been a challenge, but as I said God’s working, like He always does. When I thought about my blog, I was trying to think about how I can mix design with my thoughts. I’m still trying to work it out. But what i’m getting to, is that you and what God does in you, does inspire me. I hope to also inspire others, but not in that “recognition” way but just purely by others wanting to know more about God through me. I was just thinking, like the other day me and a friend were thinking this, it’s so beautiful how know matter who in the world you are chatting to, when they’ve got a relationship with God you can have chats like never before, because you guys can relate to the biggest thing that someone would ever want to relate to and that is Jesus Christ and how He is at work in our lives, everyday, and everyday we have something new to share, beautiful isn’t it. Thanks lady. Lots of love. x

this is my first time to your blog. your photos are beautiful and so full of light! thank you for sharing!

also, i’m just starting to explore the world of photography and i was wondering if you ever include information about techniques, etc.? i’m fascinated by the way you are able to capture natural light so beautifully.

What an absolutely beautiful message! I think that’s going to be a quote I hold forever in my heart.

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I love this quote and what you stand for. You have such a sweet blog and are a beautiful photographer.

I am in love with your blog!
I love this statement of faith! :)

ahhhh! so glad I found ya. :)

What wonderful words of wisdom. I sometimes question myself when I sit down to write a blog post. I question if I should get off the computer and go do something active or spend more time with my husband. But I feel like blogging is a wonderful outlet to write down my thoughts and let the light of the Lord shine. The Lord can definitely speak through us in our blogs and touch our readers hearts. Thank you for inspiring me in my walk with Christ.

Thank you for writing, Arielle. This is what’s been on my heart. Beautiful words of wisdom — God’s richest blessings to you and your blog! ♥


thank you hannah! :)


thank you so much vicky, i truly appreciate the encouragement! many blessings…


thank you! :)


thank you hannah :)


thank you ! :)


thank you so much eleanor…what beautiful encouragement! i’m so encouraged by your words. that is so true, as believers, we have something (someone) in common which makes the subjects and things we talk about so much sweeter.
hope you have a beautiful & a blessed week!
<3 arielle


thank you amylou! :) many blessings!


oh how awesome! was it the mother teresa movie? :)


thank you so much for the beautiful encouragement clarita! :) many blessings to you!!


thank you susanne :) blessings!


so awesome! :) thank you so much for the encouragement delaney! i hope you have a beautiful and a blessed week!


thank you so much for the encouragement ashley! such a blessing.
i hope you and yours have a beautiful week! <3


aw thank you laura! your comment was so encouraging and a blessing to read.
bless you! <3


“….and those hobbies can relate us with others, but when they start to become our focus and stumbling blocks, it takes our eyes off of Christ.”
so, so true :) i couldn’t have said it better! thank you so much for the encouragement chelsea…i hope you have a beautiful week! <3


so very true! :) “But I think so long as we Christians keep our focus on Christ and on loving others above all things, then all else will fall in line.” i definitely agree… :)


thank you andrea! :)

Gorgeous pictures, and very thoughtful post, Arielle. Love that pencil quote.

Glad you guys had a nice (though hot) weekend. :)

Starring Olivia Hussey. It was Gregg’s Valentine’s gift to me a few years ago. =)

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