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a monday night.

hello there!  how was your weekend friends? things have been quite busy over here and i’ve really missed writing on this little space and catching up on some of my daily reads and blogs. i’ve had a bit of writer’s block too, but i think that is mainly due to the fact that i haven’t sat down to really write lately. when i have any free time, i have been with friends & family or my husband or cleaning our house or lately, working on photos. this past weekend i had three photo sessions and had another one this evening- the lovely lindsay from little one love joined me and styled the kiddos. it was a lot of fun! i’ll have to post some pictures when i’m done looking through them.

so right now, basically, i am just sitting here in my sweatpants in my living room, listening to some music & taking a little break. relaxing. jay started school last week and has class one night a week which includes a mighty load of homework. so, he’s sitting next to me doing that. and leland, welp he is just crawling around making a mess of course :)

anywho, i just wanted to write something rather than just stay quiet ’round here. my mom made homemade peach cobbler tonight so i think i’m gonna go get myself some. hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a blessed week! i’ll be back in a day or two. xo!