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decorating on a small budget: a peek inside our home.

since we moved into our house, and even when we were living in an apartment i have been learning to decorate on a small budget. i did a post similar to this a while ago, but it was when i was into editing photos in a vintage style. (by the way, there is nothing wrong with editing vintage, i just prefer to have bright and crisp colors and i want my photos to be timeless….but that’s a topic in itself for another day.) here are a few things in our home that i’ve used mostly from gifts given to me by my sweet family (both of my grandmas) or bought at thrift and antique stores. i absolutely love using old jars, antique furniture, and eclectic frames bought at places like t j maxx or hobby lobby. many times, i can find the look of pottery barn and anthropologie at discount stores and antique stores for way less. it may take a little longer to search for the right items, but it’s worth it! anywho, here is a tiny peek into our house!


Ah, Arielle, your house is beyond gorgeous! Seriously, I would choose your decorations over some fancy hundred dollar a piece things at Pottery Barn. And I’m dying over your hutch with the pretty china inside. So pretty!

Arielle, your home is beautiful! What struck me the most was how it’s so full of light and joy. Truly not just a house, but a home. All the pieces you’ve chosen work perfectly and are so lovely in the space. There’s a blessed peace in the images and sweet simplicity to the design that is absolutely refreshing and inviting. Clean, simple, and fresh — beautiful!

These are all so beautiful! Great taste :)

So…whenever I come up to Kentucky we should go some antique stores! :) That’s where a lot of my furniture has come from as well! I love using old things. Decorating on a small budget (or with none at all) is kinda hard, but very rewarding!

Such a CUTE house!

your home is darling! I love this!

ps I feel the same way about “vintage edits” (;

love it! It is so smart to decor on a budget…why pay full price!???!

This is exactly how I would have imagined your home to be decorated :) Soft colors and prints, antique-y and shabby chic. Very darling. Thanks for the little peak.


Your house is gorgeous!!! You have such a great taste!


Absolutely love your house! Your frames are so adorable! It looks to simple yet chic

Beautiful! I’m swooning over that hutch. I’ve been looking for one just like it!
Love, Leigh

Your home is like a breath of fresh air. It seems so relaxing, I love your style!


your home is beautiful! i love the white cupboard,it looks straight out of a magazine. x

i love all of the vintage touches… it’s the little things that make a home more cozy anyway! you’ve done a lovely job! :)

I love it when people incorporate books into their decor! Especially vintage ones at that =)

Your home is like a spa– I instantly de-stressed just looking at it :) Love your style!

I am pretty much obsessed with all of these pictures. I LOVE how shabby chic your house is :)

obsessed with her home details


Recognize a few things in the pictures….You did well with them. Looks cozy, and comfortably homey!…..Love Terra

I love all your touches. So pretty girly!

Wow, that’s so beautiful!

Kisses from Hong Kong,

I love how bright and airy your home is!
And I love collecting glass jars too.

This is beautiful! I love all of the personal touches and how bright everything is. It’s so ethereal!

So pretty! Your house seems so light and airy.

Your home is so sweet, special and clean. Thanks for the peek!

lovely, so lovely.

Your place is decorated so beautifully! I’m patiently waiting to move out of a fully furnished condo to do these sweet (budget friendly) touch ups in our new place! i love books and those jars! can’t wait to unpack—thanks for giving me something to look forward to each and everyday pretty! xo

also, i’d love my girls to play piano someday! so inspiring!;)

these are great, such good taste! I agree with you.. why spend so much and get so little in return.. I love to browse some of those wonderful store but seldom buy anything unless it REALLY catches my eye.. when you shop vintage and flea markets, some of the greatest deals are out there and that’s the truly fun part! all the searching!!!

You take amazing pictures. I’m sure your home is just as beautiful!

How beautiful! Love the rustic style!


ah. I love it! so simple, yet so elegant… I love vintage and old glass Ball jars. awesomeness. ;) pure awesomeness in the opinion of this red head.

So beautiful! I am so there with TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby too… so fun.


thanks so much abigail! :) Hope you have a great week!


thank you!!


thank you so much! :)


thank you! :)


thank you so much olivia! :)


thank you nicole :)




thanks so much lori!! hope you and yours have a blessed week <3


thank ya heather! :)


thanks ashley!! xo.


ah i would so love that!! yall should definitely come up here for a visit sometime ;)


hannah, thank you so much :) i loved reading your comment! you are so sweet. many blessings to you!


thank you so much carlotta! :)

Your home is beautiful, I love the way you’ve decorated, totally my style!

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Your home is beautiful! Love that hutch!

oops…That was me…The hutch lover. Ha!

Your home is lovely!!

You and I have VERY similar decorating styles! I love what you’ve put up in your home. I, too, use a lot of mason jars, antique books, and I’ve turned vintage orange crates into storage bins or bookshelves. I love that rustic style.

Your home is so inviting! I came over from the Wiegands – so glad I found you!

Your house is gorgeous, I love the photos!

oh what a lovely home Arielle. I love how it’s so whimsical and welcoming. every little detail is really cute, i really like the jars and the books. great job! :)

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