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Two years ago…

Two years ago today I married my best friend on a plantation in the middle of Kentucky. We all stayed at the plantation for the weekend and I remember for weeks it hadn’t rained and when I woke up the morning of our wedding, it was pouring. We were supposed to be married under a big tree on the farm but plans were changed and we were married in the plantation’s carriage house. It was beautiful. I am glad that it rained now that I look back, because it was a very intimate and cozy-feeling kind of wedding. We’re heading back to the plantation this weekend to visit and I can’t wait! Married life is a beautiful thing. It is sometimes a hard thing. I think the Lord uses it to teach us, to mold us and shape us. It is something that reveals that not-so-lovely selfish part of me in so many ways and so many areas of life. I have learned to cook (as in spaghetti and boxed macaroni and cheese) and not shop quite so much :P If you would have told me years ago that I was going to be married at 19 (eek! I think I just gave away my age) I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But truthfully, I wouldn’t have it any other way. These two years have grown me, have blessed me, and I pray that the years coming will continue to do so. I am thankful to have others who we can look up to who have been married for much, much longer. What a blessing marriage is!

*All of our wedding photos were taken by Brian Couch


Such beautiful pictures! Congrats darling on the two years :)

happy anniversary! your wedding pictures are gorgeous! :)

happy anniversary! my husband & I just celebrated 2 years this summer. your wedding looks like it was a beautiful day for you both!

Beautiful pictures and congrats!!! :O)

Happy anniversary you two!!!!

Happy anniversary you two!

Awww, happy anniversary Arielle (: You are truly blessed (:


Happy Happy Anniversary Jay and my Precious Moments! I love you both for who you are and how you endeavor to follow God’s path for your lives . . .

Beautiful pictures! Happy Anniversary to ya’ll!!

Happy Anniversary! Marriage is a wonderful thing :)

Absolutely beautiful. What wonderful photos to preserve your memories! Congrats on 2 years :)

Happy Anniversary, Arielle! How fun to be going back to the place you were married! The pictures are amazing, you and your hubby were glowing!

These pictures are stunning! I love your dress and the whole vibe…perfection. Happy Anniversary!

happy anniversary, arielle! you and jay are so so so cute together. praying that your next two years are even better than the last two! also, your wedding shots are so beautiful. love your dress!

Happy Anniversary! The pictures are beautiful!

such a beautiful bride! happy anniversary to you guys! we both share same month/year anniversary! :D

Hi Arielle! I’m a Jessica, a new Follower. I just wanted to chime in and tell you that i love your blog you are a true tallent both in your photography and your prospective on life. Love it!

awwww! Happy Anniversary!! I was married young too and it rained on my wedding…I thought is was romantic :)

gorgeous–your hair, your dress–everything! i hope you have the happiest anniversary. my birthday is tomorrow–so i have a special love for all things september.
love, leigh

Congrats! Your wedding was beautiful! =D

Happy 2 years to you and your husband. Your pictures are wonderful!

And you DID just reveal your age, I didn’t know you were so young. ;)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Gorgeous!!!!!!! Happy anniversary!!!!! xo

Simply, simply beautiful.

Happy anniversary!!! Here’s to many more to come!! Our anniversary is in a few days also, such a beautiful time to reflect and remember the day you started on your journey!!

Happy anniversary, sweet friend! You two are just lovely. And your wedding dress is absolutely perfect. :)

you made a beautiful bride! :)


I just looked at these pictures and my head went “Yes! THAT is the wedding you want!” While I don’t even have a boyfriend, I am so envious of your wedding. What a perfect day and what a perfect place. Congrats!

Happy Anniversary!!! Your wedding looked amazing. You make one stunning bride :) Seriously I am happy with the way my wedding was (trying to be grateful) but seriously….you did it right girl!! Gorgeous.

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! :) These pictures are absolutely beautiful!

happy anniversary! i absolutely love your dress… so sweet and simple. just what i looked for in a wedding dress too. by the way, it appears that your husband couldn’t take his eyes (or lips) off of you :) gorgeous couple!

Congratulations on your anniversary! :D Here’s to many more years of wedded bliss :D

You looked absolutely radiant, perfect and stunning on your wedding day! Your story of young marriage is so inspiring!

your photos are some of my favorite i’ve ever seen. i love your hair and i love your dress. i can’t believe you’re only 21!

happy anniversary you doves. <3

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!


thank you brittany! :)


haha thanks jenni! :)


thank you mia! :)


thank you lori!! :) blessings!


thank you jess :)


thanks so much sarah1 :)


thank you cheche :)


thank you so much kelly ann! :) hope you have a beautiful week!


oh wonderful!! i hope you have a wonderful anniversary! :)


LOL thank you emily! :)


thank you natalie :)


oh happy birthday to you!! :)


thank you so much jessica! :)


thank you so much carlotta :) blessings to you!!


thank you cassie! :)


thank you! :)

You were (and still are!) a GORGEOUS bride!!! Thank you for being a testimony to the blessing of marriage! Happy Anniversary!!! (a day late) :)

Congratulations on your two year anniversary! Beautiful wedding photos– your dress looks lovely!

Happiest of anniversaries to you! It rained on our wedding day, and i remember being so disappointed but it actually gave us some beautiful photos. as are yours :)


Aww, happy anniversary!! God bless you both in your marriage. :) …and may I ask where you got your wedding dress, or what style is it? I absolutely love it!

Happy Anniversary!! It rained on our wedding day too, but I love how it made the pictures turn out. I got married when I was 18. Something I never thought I’d do, but when you know you know :) We’ve been married over 7 years now and I can’t imagine my life without my better half. Here’s to many more!!


I LOVE your pictures! I really like your dress – it keeps what I imagine was the feel of your wedding {judging from your description}. Happy anniversary, friend!

You were a beautiful bride!

I am so incredibly excited about running across your blog! My husband and I have almost been married for a year (October) and It was less than a month after I had turned 19. It was the easiest decision I have ever made and I feel God working on me through this wonderful marriage He has blessed me. To see another beautiful couple who did the same thing as I and are in such an incredible love makes my heart glow with joy! :) -Rheana

P.S. Your pictures are absolutely amazing and your taste in music is brilliant!

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