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Some Updates!

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your feedback and kind comments on my last post. While I have not been posting as much here the last month or so I have been busy working on some things. One of those things is my  new website. I have also moved all of my photography blog posts over to this blog and will be posting all future sessions on here! (As well as my personal posts.) There is still some to be updated around here but for the most part, it’s finished. Woohoo! Anywho, just wanted to say thank you and I am excited to have some free time to start reading and visiting some of my favorite blogs again. Much love to you all! If you want to take a peek at my new site, click here. xo!


Everything looks so lovely!

P.S. I saw the one pic that you have posted from Trish & Zach’s engagement session…BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to see the rest!

I LOVE THIS! :) Cant wait!

The new site is beautiful Arielle…almost as beautiful as your work!!!! Gorgeous!

Well, I think you’ve created something very beautiful with your new site, Arielle! It’s really sweet! I’m sure it feels good to get things organized, too. I’ve been working on my site as much as I can, and, yes, I’m still working on getting my little photography business up and running. Unfortunately, life happens, and things have slowed me down a bit … all in God’s timing though, right?! :) I was so blessed to see your recent comment on my site!, too! It really encouraged me in my work … yes, I have to admit, sometimes I get a little discouraged, and I wasn’t sure how she would like those, (wonder how often other photographers feel that way?), but, they were delivered yesterday, and her whole family loved them! That made me so happy to see her face light up .. I’m so looking forward to seeing more faces light up, too! :) I love bringing joy to others through my photography like that. I also did a maternity shoot (my first) with her sister and husband … I was so glad they were happy with theirs, as well! I’ll look forward to keeping up with you here, and over on your new site! You have a blessed week! :)

Love the new site! I’ve looked before and your work is amazing. =)

Your site looks great. The colors in your photos are just gorgeous. I’m excited to see more of your work.

Hey lady,
i think it looks great.
good idea to make a website for your work.
speaks you.
have a beautiful day.

i love your new website! great decision on moving your photography blog into your personal one! I have seen a lot of photographers who does that and it’s such a great idea! Your clients get to see your work and know a little about yourself and your family.

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