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dear little one.

dear little one,

this is the kind of moment that i want to remember forever. years and years from now when your tiny hand is much larger than mine, when you are a little taller than i am. it is in this sort of moment where the world stands still and there is no where else i’d rather be than by your and daddy’s side. i am going to show you the world, keep your heart safe for as long as time allows, and pray that you will love Jesus more than any other. you won’t be this small forever and it makes my heart ache a bit to think of you growing up so fast. but for now, i will rest in this moment and keep it close to my heart. you are my little one, my sweet boy and i am blessed.



That was so sweet! Love the picture :)! I too am treasuring those tender moments and wishing the days would go just a tad slower :)

so beautiful and honest.

Such a sweet momma… beautiful!

Gah, I am crying! So beautiful. xo

So so sweet. Its crazy to think them bigger than you, making their own decisions and being all grown up.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

This makes me excited to be a mama one day. : ) Love this heart warming photo. Thanks for sharing.

Sooooo sweet. I love this post, makes me look forward to being a mommy someday. Beautiful picture! :)

What a wonderful moment and photo! And oh, the clouds!

This is precious. You are such an amazing momma!

You have such a beautiful way with words! Your posts makes my heart smile :) May your life continue to be blessed with sweet moments like this!

Such a beautiful post & picture! =)

So beautiful and sweet =) I have no doubt that you’re an awesome mom!

This is seriously one of my favorite photos you’ve ever posted!!!! So beautiful and what a special moment to be treasured forever!

melts my heart!!!

Beautiful post and beautiful pictures! =D

Gorgeous photo and what a sweet post. :)


Gorgeous picture & words. My heart broke a little.
Love, Leigh

one of my favorite memories of my daughter is of her standing on the beach…I told myself…remember this exact moment…it is great when memories tug at our hearts :)

Oh my gosh. Is he close to walking already?! This is so sweet.

oh good grief–i’m sniffling over here. so, SO cute. <3

These beautiful words compliment the beautiful picture!

I seriously cannot get over the way your able to communicate so perfectly what is on your heart and with such effortless passion. I would love to write as well as you girl.
And the picture is beautiful.
And the love you have for your son excites me for the future and someday having my own child to love.

be blessed girl!


Such a precious, touching picture – very special treasures x


Please hang on to that very thought and moment……The era of cameras….video….and cell phones were not around when Jay was a baby….Wish I could have pictoral..and video of such moments. Lots of them slip your mind, without a reminder they can be lost as you age…….Love you All….MaGe (Terra)

Such an adorable picture! He is too cute :D

So beautiful. As a mom who just sent her oldest off to Kindergarten, it truly tugged at my heartstrings.

Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day,

Such a beautiful moment, frozen in time and captured by your words.

the scarf you wore created such a beautiful contrast and pop to that image. the note you wrote is beautiful, it will really mean so much to him when he is older :)

love love love your blog

absolutely love this post! so well written! He’s one lucky boy to have such an amazing loving mommy!

Beautiful picture and note. I love how clear you got this shot.

That photo is stunning!

Hi Arielle, I love that you are able to be a stay at home momma to Leland. My husband and I are expecting our first little one next April. We’re so, so excited and feel beyond blessed that we have our sweet little baby on the way. I read in your FAQ about how staying at home offsets the costs of childcare. Both my husband and I are hoping that I will be able to to stay home with our baby as well. With childcare being so expensive and the simple fact that I just want to be home with our baby it is something I’m really hoping to do. What were some of the ways that you and your husband made it possible for you to stay home with Leland? It feels like it is a leap of faith making ends meet in a one income household but I feel like the benefits most definitely outweigh the hard parts.

ah great picture :)


Beautiful photo!! I love moments like this with my son :)


thank you! :)


thank you :)


thank you natalie! :)


thank you mallory!


thanks so much ashley :)


thank you so much chetreanna! :) you are such an encouragement! i hope you are having a beautiful & blessed week!!


thank you so much faith :)


thank you brittany! :)


yes! so so close :)


thank you!! :)


thank you!! :)))


thanks so much andrea!


thank you so much olivia :)


thank you! :) !


thank you so much dary :)


thank you jessica :)


thank you jessica!!


hi lacey! i have loved being a stay at home mom (despite having a second income) and it is definitely worth it :) some ways that we made it possible for me to stay home with leland is…. we saved money while i was working for a downpayment on our house and other things that we needed before leland was born which was great! so putting all of the money i made away really helped us learn to only live off of my husband’s paycheck. now that we are one paycheck it’s a very tight budget but my photography really does help with helping to pay or put money away for things. i hope you are having a wonderful pregnancy and that helped a little bit :) many blessings to you!!

<3 arielle

WOWZERS! This picture and post seriously took my breath away! Soooo precious and beautiful!!! I can’t get over how clear and marvelous your pictures turn out!! ~manda

My little guy Cohen is only 3 months and I keep thinking about how one day he’s going to be taller than me and envelop me in a big teenage boy hug. Wow. It makes me tear up a bit but also excites me. What a beautiful gift a son is.

your little one looks so much like his dad!!! gorgeous

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