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a day in chicago.

last weekend we spent some time at my grandparent’s and then drove a couple of hours to spend a day in chicago.  jay had never been before so we had a good time driving and walking around the city…

we spent some time and had lunch in grant park overlooking lake michigan…

and then went to go see some sand dunes and spend more time on lake michigan…

…he loved the sand!

i’m so grateful that we’ve been able to go on several small trips this summer. even though we have a little one now, it is nice to still be able to travel and go and do and see things. i’m sure that will become a little more rare the more kids we have but for now, i am enjoying it :) hope you are having a wonderful week! be blessed by the Lord’s love and peace today.


I’m from Chicago so your pics reminded me of home :) Love those TOMs and the pics of the little one in the sand! Hope you had a great weekend. Tia

Bee-you-tee-full photos! I love the picture of your little one walking in the sand. So sweet! I’ve never been to Chicago but you just made me wanna visit there someday. =)

There is so much that I adore about this post! The colorful photography, the ADORABLE clothes you all wear AND the fact that you guy are still taking trips, even with a baby. Means there hope for Hubs and I to do that too someday!

Such a beautiful city. and, your pictures are, as well! So glad you got to enjoy the summer, too! We weren’t able to get away to do much of anything this year, but that’s okay! My son and his wife are back home, and that’s all that matters! Maybe we’ll take a short family vacation somewhere fun this fall, and enjoy all the beautiful colors! Can’t wait to see you all on a backdrop of autumn colors, either … that always makes such beautiful photos! Blessings to you, and your sweet little family, Arielle!! :)

You are so cute! Love your Toms!

Love the pics! Your baby always looks so happy :) xo

I think your little guy is just so lucky to have you two as parents; he looks so happy and simply pleased with life. You can just tell he’s surrounded by love. I just love these pictures for that reason. And, you making Leland smile in that one on the grass is just perfect.

You took some beautiful photos that day! I’m glad you enjoyed Chicago!

Your pictures take my breath away…and can we talk about your TOMS? I just bought the burlap ones today but I think I may need yours :) LOVE!

i love pictures with you and your boy…you can just see how in love you are. and one of my good friends lives in Chicago…what a fun city.

Wonderful pictures! :)

You have a gorgeous family. I absolutely love every bit of your outfit!

first time that I visit your blog, you have a very nice one!
you´ve a charming family and a cute baby. happy to find your blog!

Aww Leland is sooo cute in the sand. =) Love these pics! Glad you had fun. <3

Both my parents are from the chicago area and I have so many fond memories from Chicago. Looks like you had a great time. I love little trips!

as long as you have a stroller you be fine with more kiddos :) We are at the point in my my family where the kids out number the adults…lol. Love Chicago and the best part is there are soooo many free things to do!!

His smile!- it’s so precious! :) I love your outfit!

Never been to Chicago, but boy does it look beautiful! Also, I love that your husband wore two different plaid shirts during this trip. Everytime I see a guy in plaid IRL I tell my husband I see a lumberjack, haha. It’s become an inside joke between us.

Hey Arielle!
I’m new to your blog and I have to say I’ve fallen in love! I would love for you to come over and check out my little side of the blogging world! :)


First time i seen these pictures…..Love it…..Not much sand could squish between his little toes…..Saw Jawanna today for Moms b-day and nursing home………..she talked to Sarah and they hope you call them next time u all go….she is still “down in the back” but continuing to teach her dance classes……Pray for her Damien is such a wonderful “baby helper” right now for her

Wow, beautiful photos Arielle!!!!
I have family who’s been living in Chicago (Illinois) for over 30 years.
My mom’s sister (Vivienne Logan – I have her name), married American guy & they’ve been staying there ever since, both their sons (my cousins), were born & bred there ^_^ I always hear her talk about Lake Michigan! Thank you for photo share! I would love to one day go there!!!

huggs & blessings x Vivi

Looks like a wonderful trip! Love these photos of you and your sweet family! Leland is getting so big, what a precious boy!

I would love to go to Chicago someday! You will be so glad you have all these lovely pictures to show your little one someday. Hope you’re having a good Saturday!

I love that last photo — so sweet!

The Duggars are still able to go places [wink]. Whatever God wants you to do and wherever He wants you to go, it’ll work out. =)

Oh travel is very possible- just have the attitude ‘just do it!’ and go for a trip. a family of little vagabonds :) the memories will be tres rich!

i love that you guys get to do those things too. It is so special :).

Amazing pictures. Chicago seems to be a beautiful city, I’ve always dreamed to visit its collection of Frank Lloyd Right’s houses :)

These photos are gorgeous! I’ve never been to Chicago, but it’s one of the places I’d love to go some day! And those Toms! I have the same pair and I looove them. :)

Hi Arielle! I just wanted to say thank you for following my blog! I am racking my brain in an attempt to figure out how you came across it. Just last week I had my blog re-designed and I used your layout as an example that I wanted mine to look like. I literally emailed a link from your blog to my husband, he agreed it was a great design, and I sent it as an example! Obviously it didn’t quite turn out the same, but it is just so bizarre to me.

Anyway, you are lovely and I have already been encouraged by reading just a short bit of your blog. Especially the “Mission Statement”. It’s nice to ‘meet’ you!

Oh for goodness sakes! I’m so sorry. LoL I knew I jumped the gun. Someone who is following me now is also following you. I’m such a goofball and clicked the wrong link to find out who she is :) ANYWAY, nice to meet you and I’m still a new follower of YOUR blog! Cheers!

This is such a beautiful tale of memories, i love all of them: you look so happy!

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