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zach + trish: kentucky engagement photographer

My goodness! I don’t even know where to begin….I’ve known Trish and Zach for a pretty long time. Really long. Like, they have been dating for over five years and I think I’ve known them both longer than that. They are getting married next spring and I am so excited for them! They both have such a heart for the Lord and it is so evident in their lives, definitely a beautiful thing. Trish shines has a contagious joy about her, which shows in these photos I think, as well. Anywho, I’m looking forward to their wedding and what the Lord has in store for their lives!! I had such a good time taking these photos and nope, the couch was not just lying in a field waiting for us. We brought it there :) And we also visited an old town which just so happened to match the oufits they brought perfectly. Woohoo! It was kinda hard to choose but here are a few of my favorites…

(A little playlist just because. Maybe I’ll make one for every new session :) )

Ah, gorgeous!!

One of my favorites…

Love it!!


You have such pretty photo’s! I love the sofa in the field, such a great idea, and such a fun place to take pictures! ♥


Such a beautiful pictures, I love the sofa in the field, great idea!

AMAZING! That is all i have to say!

In our sea of love


Absolutely great photos! Thanks for sharing! :)


And great new blog design, too! ;)

Oh my goodness, they are so adorable. I love all the pictures, especially the town ones. I love love! Great job!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

I love these photos so much!!!

oh, goodness! i love these! it helps that they, themselves, are good lookin but you take such beautiful shots! come take mine when it’s my turn? :) love the couch and the settings. just beautiful.

oh and i haven’t been here to see the blog transformation yet! i really like it :) and i think it’s perfect for both the photography and the family (is that still what you’re doing?) hope so because i just love following you and your cute little fam.

hope all is well<3

Fabulous as always Arielle!!! What a gorgeous couple and you are just SO creative!

I love their second set out outfits!! The pops of yellow are beautiful. Do you happen to know where her dress is from?!
Love, Leigh

Can I have that couch?! Seriously adorable!
And great pics!

You found such creative locations for this engagement shoot! Nice job!

These are so lovely…you have such a gift! and they seem so relaxed..which is another gift of a great photographer…being able to bring out the fun in your subjects :)

And I LOVE her bicycle necklace!

these are absolutely gorgeous! so natural and happy and so classic. you’ve done an amazing job x

beautiful picturs…i just wished you lived closer…we could use a good photographer.

beautiful pictures…wish you lived closer i could use your talent.

Wonderful work!! Dad

They are such an adorable couple… love all of the pictures!

Gorgeous pictures. They are such a good looking couple!

Absolutely gorgeous! Such a cute couple and beautiful photos :D

i love these pics! and their outfits. do you know where she got her blue and white dress and her bike necklace?

These turned out very sweet. Love the orange sofa. You must love your job! So nice to take pics of people at the start of their journey together.

I love the couch and the yellow house!

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