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a quick hello.

As I type this, I am about half asleep…but you know, I just had to write a little somethin! All that I really want to say is that I am busy, a little overwhelmed, but thankful. I have so much (really, a lot) to catch up on but I am determined to get most of it done this week. This past weekend was wonderful…Jay and I had a two-day date and it was so relaxing and a lot of fun. We stayed at the plantation where we were married while Jay’s dad and my mom took turns watching Leland. What a blessing!! I am so thankful that we were able to celebrate our anniversary and I’m excited to post some pictures from our little visit. Anywho, I better get going because I plan on getting up WAY early, drinking a lot of coffee, turning on some worship music, and getting to work before the little one wakes up! That is my great plan anyway, but I betcha when that alarm clock goes off I’ll hit snooze 5 times….ha, we’ll see ;) Hope you had a beautiful weekend y’all!!



i’m so glad to hear you had a good weekend! i’m in complete agreement with coffee tomorrow morning. i’ll be up early for class and i’m definitely going to get myself a latte on the way. :]

Happy anniversary, Arielle! Good luck with your early a.m. plan. :)

Sounds like you and Jay had a very blessed anniversary weekend, Arielle! That much needed R&R always helps to give us strength for what lies ahead! I’m so grateful that even in the midst of a busy day, we can find His perfect peace, and possess it! Let that be what overwhelms you today … His peace … it’s His gift to us! You enjoy that early morning coffee, and your day! Looking forward to seeing your pictures, too! You are such an inspiration! :)

Beautiful photo! Good luck with your early morning :)

sounds amazing arielle! glad you got time to recharge and relax. our anniversary is next week and we plan on just relaxing and spending some quiet time together, things have been so busy lately so that will be like a vacation to us. can’t wait to see your pictures, always beautiful.

Sounds like fun! I hope you guys keep treating the gift of marriage as such.

I love that photo!!! So pretty!


I love this photo with the pinks and the flowers – it made me smile today, simply beautiful! :) Love your blog and many blessings to your anniversary!

So glad you 2 were able to get away just the 2 of you. I know how important that is. Can’t wait to see all your pictures. And really like that one of you. The lighting is great!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

So I have to ask…where do you get all of your cute clothes??? I love them!

Your photos are gorgeous! Visiting via Mama Loves Papa!


I hit snooze about 5 times.
I actually designed my phone that way.
Seriously though.
Each alarm brings me more into awareness of being awake eventually. lol
Love this post.

Beautiful photo! :)

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