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a day in madison.

on saturday, we spent some of the day in a small town, madison indiana. i love that place! we try to visit a couple times a year and it happened to be pretty warm this weekend so we went and walked around for a bit. we visited a cupcake shop and an antique store (and bought a couple books for leland!) i love the colors and the buildings in the town….they are all historic and gorgeous. they also have tons of little shops and antique stores so visiting is always fun :) the rest of the weekend jay and i watched the bengals playoff game, cleaned, and took a ton of vitamin c- we both have bad head colds :( hope you had a wonderful weekend! what were you up to this weekend? anything exciting? ¬†have a blessed monday!!


LOVE LOVE!!!(= <333

This post made me smile. I love Madison and lived there for 15 years; moved just two months ago because of work, to South Carolina. I miss my beautiful little town along the river. ;)


Madison Indinana? Tom and I after your wedding weekend, stayed there for our Anniversary, right after we left Milan. Ran in the horrible pouring rain to get into our hotel room….was fun, we were soaking wet! The hotel overlooked the bridge and had a private balcony….too high up for anyone to see us that evening and with coffee in the morning. Memory I’ll never forget Terra.

Lovely photos!


Isn’t Madison near Hanover College or am I thinking of some place else? I heard it’s very pretty though!! But you already captured that in your pictures!

Your pictures are always breathtaking!

I love your fashion style, it is so beautiful and classic and old fashioned.
I don’t think I could pull it off but looks great on you.

love your pictures and your dress is so beautiful!!

I love, love, love your dress. So cute!

Oxfords+blue doors+cupcakes+little boys=happiness.

Lindsay Lee

I hope you all feel better soon! SUCH gorgeous photos. I LOVE those doors!

love your outfit.

aaaaand now i want a cupcake.

Such darling pictures and how pretty you look girl!

Your outfit is beautiful and so are you!

It does look pretty there! Lots of colors. Your little family is so cute :)

I love the little town of Madison … it’s been awhile since we’ve been there, and I hope we can make it sometime soon. I love all their little shops! These are such sweet images! Y’all are just so cute! Hope you both get to feeling better soon … thankfully, I’ve made it through so far, but hubby has a very nasty head cold now, too! :(

That area looks absolutely beautiful. Love the door and garage. You are such a beautiful family.

Look at that peter rabbit book! So precious! I collect old winnie the pooh books and have several very old ones from my mom’s childhood. So special and can’t wait to give them to my future children!

Your family is beautiful! God bless!

looks wonderful. i love those getaways with the ones you love. such a nice break in the routine. beautiful pictures.

Beautiful pictures, and Leland is getting so big!

I have followed your blog and photography for a while now and I absolutely love it! You capture such natural beauty and I cannot wait to have a little family like yours! I’m wanting to do little “getting to know you” posts of my favorite bloggers (no cost!) and I would love to have you answer a few questions for me! Nothing formal! Fun, silly,simple questions!

My email is and my blog site is Let me know if you are interested!

These are so sweet! Leland is walking now? So cute!

since i couldn’t comment on your most recent post, i just wanted to tell you that your last photo for february is so beautiful. seriously, it’s perfect. would you mind if i pinned it?


hi kandice! thank you so much :) not at all, feel free to pin it! many blessings <3

Arielle, I’m such a big fan of yours! Can’t wait to see your new post everytime I turn on my laptop! Your work is just great, the way you turn each photography you take is just perfet to me! Go on bloggin, you are really talented!
-a follower from France!

Arielle, I’m such a big fan of yours! Can’t wait to see your new post everytime I turn on my laptop! Your work is just great, the way you turn each photography you take is just perfet to me! Go on bloggin, you are really talented!
-a follower from France!

Ughh, head colds are going around in my house too!! Must be the season for it. Hope you feel better soon!! :) I love the photos, that shop you showed looks amazing, I miss living in an area with antique stores and such. :)

Love this post – I can’t believe how big Leland has got!

First thing I thought was how your photography style has changed, it’s always been amazing but huge transition


haha!! thanks jenni :)


thank you so much alannah!! love your name :)

How lovely a day it looks indeed. I adore little shops, and that Peter Rabbit is adorable. P.S. I love love love your shoes. :)

oh goodness, it’s been a while since i’ve visited your blog and i have missed it. you and your little family are just so beautiful. and your love just exudes through your images!
xo TJ


Oh my goodness! I just stumbled on this post and it made me so homesick for Madison! My husband was the photographer at the newspaper there for a while!! Lovely shots of a lovely town!

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