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vacation and a little video.

On Saturday, Jay and I got home from a little vacation in the mountains. It was so, so nice to get away! My parents watched Leland (thank you!!) and I am so thankful that we had some time to travel. I absolutely loved our cabin and it was nice stepping away from technology and the fast-paced-ness (yep I’m making up that word) of life. (It was also nice not always having cell phone service in the mountains!) Anywho, I made a video on the way home from while we were there. I took some photos too, and hope to share them on here soon also :) Have a beautiful Monday!!


I had fun living vicariously through your instagram stream this weekend–your little getaway looks like perfection. and the video is so sweet!

I love mountains!… but I love riding horses more. Great video

Love it! The Smokies are beautiful all year long =)

That looks like the most perfect getaway! I don’t think I could have pulled myself away from it and gone back to real life! :)

You all are beautiful and the video was so much fun!
Hope you had a lovely mother’s day ~
xo Sarah

Looks like such a lovely getaway! I loved watching the video. It made me long for a visit to the mountains. So glad you and Jay could have a little vacation! :)


what fun! making videos is a blast. that place looks gorgeous.

Lovely video. You captured the simplicity of the outdoors and it is causing my heart to ache for that place. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to some photos!

This video is really nice :)

What a fun video! =)

What a great trip, looks like such a beautiful place to get away to!! Happy Mother’s Day!!

So so pretty! Glad you got away just the 2 of you for some time. Can’t wait to see your photos of everything! You guys always look like you’re having the best time together.
Emily at Amazing Grapes


I loved this video! Where did you get your beautiful dress from?!

This video is so fun! It looks like you had a wonderful time! The scenery is just gorgeous.


Thank you so much Faith! :)


Thank you! It is from down east basics:)


Thanks so much Emily!:) Have a great week!


Thank you Olivia! I hope that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! :)


Thank you Yolanda! :)


Thanks so much Charity! :)


Thanks Kylie! It was with a tiny video recorder but it was still fun- haha :) Have a great week!


Thanks so much Jess!! :) Hope you are having a blessed week!


Thank you so much Sarah! :) Have a beautiful week!


Thanks Natalie! Yes, they definitely are! :)


Thank you Ashley! :)

the mountains are just beautiful! i loved your video. can’t wait to see pictures!

What an adorable video! It looks like you had a great time!

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