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This little boy is such a blessing in my life. I really am so thankful for him! He has such an outgoing and happy personality and it makes my days so much brighter. Of course there is the occasional tantrum (or two) but he has such a personality. When we are walking around the store, he constantly says hi to everyone we pass. Actually, it’s more like a friendly “hiayayai!” At first, I was hesitant and tried to keep him quiet. But I’ve realized…that’s just his personality…he’s just being friendly, not obnoxious or anything, so I’m going to embrace it. :) I’m so thankful I get to spend the days with him!

Anywho, I’m excited that it’s the weekend….a relaxing one to say the least. We are all leaving next week for a little vacation and I can’t wait! Do you have any plans for the 4th? Anything exciting going on this weekend? I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Much love.



These pictures are absolutely gorgeous.

So precious. That picture on the right melts my heart. Outgoing babies are seriously my favorite, what a blessing to have a little boy with already such a big heart.

– Katelyn


My son does the same thing, saying hi to everyone in stores. I am a shy person so I was almost a little embarrassed about it but because of him talking to people it has helped me be more okay with just talking to new people. =)

Aww! I know I’ve said before, but he’s so adorable! =)

what sweet pictures. and i love your dress. what a great reminder to appreciate the unique personalities God’s given our children.


Gosh, you all gave this world such a precious blessing. To me it’s so amazing and neat how one little life can change the day to day thoughts that you carry for loving, and cherishing on a constant basis! That’s the gift you and Jay gave to me “and mine” Love you all !!! Terra (mage) lol


Yes! Exactly! The same here! :)

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