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from the phone.


Some recent pictures from my phone:

1. Some old books 2. Stripes 3. Leland and I taking a break on our road trip

4. My new terrarium  5. Journal and Bible 6. Mmm, delicious.

7. Taking photos 8. Visited a little Amish bakery 9. Leland & I taking another break on our road trip

10. A gorgeous old barn 11. An old brick building 12. Beautiful lighting before dusk

13. Time at the lake  14. Walking through an old barn  15. My favorite little man!


Beautiful, as always!

SO SO gorgeous!

these photos are so gorgeous, arielle! i love your instagram. xo

so many beautiful moments! i LOVE following along at your instagram :)

Absolutely love each photo!

These are all so beautiful, Arielle!

I like your sandals!
Such lovely, summery photos.

your hair is beautiful!

love, rach.–


thank you so much!! :)


thank you so much susanne! :)


Thank you so much anne! :)


Thank you Oriana!! :)


Thank you Lindsay! :)


Thank you Kat! :)

you really do take the most beautiful iphone photos, wow!

these are iphone pictures? they’re so beautiful!

LOVE your bible! :) It’s so pretty! Where did you get it?


thank you!! it’s from the Family Christian bookstore from a few years ago :)

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