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love begins at home.

i love these two quotes by mother teresa. they are such great reminders for me living my ordinary day to day life. i pulled out a few of my mother teresa books last night and was reading through them and was encouraged and brought back to the simplicity of what it means to love Jesus & others.

hope y’all have a lovely tuesday. we (leland and i) have angus and julia stone playing and are going to start organizing and do some spring cleaning ’round here.

have a blessed tuesday.



those pictures of you and leland are gorgeous! his face…
let’s just say he’s a keeper.

and i love the idea of how much love we put into ordinary actions. convicting.


aw, I LOVE his hat :) and thank you! I feel bad I’m going to be spamming my blog telling everyone to vote :/ haha

I just love your blog! I’m constantly encouraged and uplifted by what you write!
You have a lovely spirit Arielle!
Jesus shines through you!

such amazing quotes! perfect to start off the day! thanks!!!

This is such a beautiful post. I adore those quotes for their immense truth. Thank you for sharing!

going to go love on my little ones…thanks for sharing. happy tuesday.

i love those quotes too, especially the second one. leland looks adorable, as usual.
sounds like you have a wonderful day ahead of you…i’m thinking i need to make time for some spring cleaning as well! i feel so much better when there is no clutter! :)

good gracious.
that 2nd photo.
how do you not melt into a million puddles of cute overload every day!?

I love Mother Teresa’s words and your photos too :) so nice!!

I have to admit that this is so hard to do. It is so very easy to be kind to a stranger and take your anger and frustration out on those closest to you! Thank you for sharing this message :)

Yes. Yes. and more Yes. I definitely love these quotes as well and it is something that is truly convicting in my heart! Add in your beautiful pictures and this is just a breath of fresh air.

i’m a new follower of yours and i can’t help but pull so much inspiration from you. you seem to have the loveliest little life.. so beautiful.

your little boy is as handsome as ever and i enjoy reading about him as i’ve just had a baby myself.

would love it if you followed back :) i like having fellow mommy bloggers around.

<3, kandice

I love Mother Theresa. She is such a positive influence and role model! Thank you for sharing those quotes :)


This is probably my most favorite post you’ve done so far :) So proud of you! Love, Mom

So beautiful! You have a real gift for adding text to photos!

i’ve just come across your blog and wow, your photographs are amazing. and you just so happen to be such a sweetheart. All the best to you and your family!

Love these photos…and the beautiful reminder that Love does start with us. :) Have a wonderful day!!!

oh so cute pictures!! makes me want another baby! what a fun age!

oh and thanks for introducing me to the music of angus & julia stone..before this post i had never heard of i am hooked. thanks!

<3, kelly

oh, also wanted to thank you for the inspiring quotes! i love mother teresa qoutes. her words ring so true.

What beautiful quotes and photos! A very good reminder, thank you. : ) Plus, great music to have playing!

GREAT quotes! A most excellent reminder :) Lovely pictures! xx Cat

i love reading about your beautiful journey. i think your family seems just about perfect. thanks for sharing those quotes!

Hey Arielle!

Love these Mother Theresa quotes. It is so true. Today was one of those days. The kind that make you want to pull your hair out, and go take a nap. (I did -take a nap), and it helped refocus things for me, and the little ones. Amazing how lack of sleep can make EVERYONE grumpy, and how a nice nap can bring smiles all around. :)

Thanks for such a beautiful post. Love that picture you took by the way. Do you think you’ll ever sell your photos on Etsy? They are so pretty.

Oh my goodness what a cute blog! I’m thinking I could learn a thing or two from your photography skills…

your blog is always so peaceful to read…thank you for these today.

I love that picture of your son. So adorable.

I wish you were near to teach me to properly do natural light photography. I really want to get it down!

The quotes are so perfect too. A great reminder where we so easily fall away from. It’s easy to take for granted the people close to you. (thanks for swinging over my way and the sweet comment) I’m loving your blog too….and a total AMEN to your #7 comment in your ‘about me’ page. =)

Ohhh Leland is so super cute.. and you look so happy with him.

aw your child is just too much. He looks so grown already! I’m truly adoring that kids picture. Thanks for the uplift. I often find that the places I overlook and sometimes hinder GODS LOVE is within the confines of my own home. Thank you JESUS for the reminder. And please move within my home. My little sister and brother are not believers and my mother believes but isn’t really following Christ. Pray for us if you think of me sis.


Thank you for your sweet comment! These quotes are so inspiring and the perfect way to start the day. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your comment. I absolutely love those Mother Teresa quotes. What a beautiful reminder this morning!

Wonderful quotes and beautiful pics. Happy Wednesday!

Concerning the Angus and Julia Stone link, what a beautiful and relaxing song. I could see doing spring cleaning to this. =)

LOVE Mother Teresa quotes too! I used that second one for the heart decorations I handmade for Leala’s 1st birthday party. What Mother Teresa books do you have? I found my quotes online.

i am a new follower, i stumbled here and you had me at the photo and that first quote from Mother Theresa! oh love.

those quotes are amazing and so is your hair AND YOUR GORGEOUS baby!!!!

have a blessed day friend.

Lovely quotes. And the photos of the baby is so adorable. The picture of him smiling at the camera made me smile.


Those quotes are SO true. It’s something I’ve noticed in myself and am working on/praying about. Thanks for sharing!


haha thank you mary for the sweet comment! :)


thank you so much for the wonderful encouragement amylou! :)


hehe…such a sweet comment jenni! ;)


i agree….it is difficult for me to do at times as well!
blessings :)


thank you so much for the encouragement jhen :)


thank you so much kandice! so sweet of you…
i’m looking forward to reading more of your blog!

blessings :)


thank you so much! and for the encouragement as well…. i truly appreciate every comment you leave, always such a blessing to read! i’m not sure if i’ll ever sell prints on etsy….that is a good idea though ;)



aw thank you jordan!! :)


thank you so much tamara!


thank you so much holly! :)


thank you emily! i love the quotes as well…
many blessings to you! can’t wait to check out your blog :)



thank you so much cheche….i’m always so encouraged by your comments!
many blessings to you dear sister!


haha thank you chelsea! :)


thank you yolanda :) i have three different books full of her quotes…one is called “the essential wisdom” i’m not sure about the other two but they are all full of great quotes and prayers :D

So Sweet!!Lovely!

Hi! I stumbled across your blog through another and I am here to stay… it seems we are kindreds! I was made a mama at 21 (I’m 25 now with two more!), I love both those quotes by Mother Theresa and in fact have the first written on a chalkboard in my kitchen, I LOVE Angus and Julia, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone else use that gorgeous font you have used too (I’ve used it on my blog too). Wow!
Lovely to ‘meet’ you, and your journey looks beautiful indeed!

Great quotes and pictures.

oh my gosh. these pictures are so lovely, and i ESPECIALLY love that first one with the mama t. quote! :)

MaGe Terra

Gosh I think i am allowed to be proud……so beautiful are you….and a handsome husband u got there lol……….and Leland is perfect

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