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an ordinary friday night.

Welp, last Thursday I got back from Georgia! I had a great time and it was nice to get away for a bit but I was very happy to get home :) On Friday night, the three of us just went to the park, ate pizza…and didn’t really do too much! When we went out, I took my camera along too just because. It was also the first time I’ve ever used video on my camera since I’ve gotten it. It was so fun and I should seriously use the video option more frequently!! I posted a super short video below but if you are a videographer or something you may not want to watch it- hehe! It’s not the best recording job but I was only testing it so please don’t judge ;) It wasn’t really edited or anything and to be honest, I don’t really know how to edit video too much. But one day, maybe I’ll learn. Anywho, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I’m so happy that it’s October! It’s a crazy busy month but I love this season…



That video was way cute! Love that song too. Your little man is growing up to be quite the looker. Do you just swoon when you watch your hubs interacting with him?

Leland is so sweet in the video and the quality doesn’t matter.

Guess you will be very happy to have moving pictures too, when he gets older. And trust me, he will suddenly be a big boy. With a speed that almost feels like overnight.

that’s the best way to spend a friday.


This video is so cute! I can’t wait until Josh and I start a family someday.

that was so good Arielle!didn’t look amateur at all, is that a feature on the camera to be in and out of focus during the film? that looked so good!

That video was really good! And Leland is too cute!! I love his little jeans!!! :)

this just about made me cry! my son is 21 months and I don’t have anything on video :( I want to learn how to use my Canon Rebel t2i for this! is there any info/places/websites you know of that could help me figure this out and set it to music? this would make for a great christmas gift to my parents and in-laws! Thanks so much!!! and by the way your son is to cute :)

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