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tenth avenue north & andy dalton.


On Sunday night, Jay and I went with some family and friends to a benefit concert in Cincinnati for The Underground. I usually don’t take my camera to these sort of things but I wanted to bring along the mark III and test the ISO settings. I brought along my 50mm 1.2 lens as well as the 70-200 2.8L IS II lens. My ISO stayed around 1600 with no flash and I’m pleased with how sharp they are for the low lighting (wooohoo!) Anyway, Tenth Avenue North was wonderful. They played a new song called “Losing” and it really hit home for me…love it. Also, Andy Dalton- the Bengals quarterback was there and spoke a bit. I thought if maybe I took his picture I could sell it to Sports Illustrated and become famous!!  Haha, only kidding. :) But anywho, it was a great night…I feel so blessed! Have a great day, friends!


haa, that is so awesome! great pictures!!

These pictures are incredible for such low lighting at a concert! You’re awesome! Sounds like lots of fun too!


Wish we were there!!!!!! Scott & I looooove tenth avenue north!!

Arielle your pictures are airy and life filled! Don’t ever give up, youre famous to your faithful followers :)

Lovely photos Arielle, :)

These are amazing! I love your photography so much, Arielle! :)

How fun, Arielle, and these images are amazing! Not to mention I really really like Tenth Avenue North! :) I’ve also been thinking about the Mark III … would love to know what your thoughts are on it after using it for a bit! My poor little 30D has been ever faithful for the past 5 years, but doesn’t seem to be working as well these days! These images are incredible with the low lighting, too! It’s either going to be the Mark II or III. If you have any thoughts on that, just message me on Facebook if you get a chance. I’d so appreciate that! :) You have a blessed week!

These look awesome with no flash and also at 1600! they look really sharp and i love the lighting on the first pic. Oh to have a mark III!!!


That first picture is aaaaaamazing!!! Love everything about it. And it being at 1600 ISO?? Whoa! Now I REALLY want that camera.

Emily at Amazing Grapes

Dang…forgot to put my info in on the above comment, but pretty sure the whole “Emily Amazing Grapes” at the bottom tells its me. haha
Emily at Amazing Grapes


Thank you Jess!! :)


Thank you so much Lindsey! I so appreciate the encouragement!! :)


Thank you so much Cory!!:)


thank you abigail! :)

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