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desperate: encouraged- desperate book review.

The other morning I woke up my little guy waiting for me to come and get him out of his bed. Call it pregnancy insomnia or whatever you want, but I hadn’t really gotten the best night’s sleep the night before. ….And then it hit me that soon I will have two little ones calling (or rather, crying) for me to get them. Sometimes, thinking about it makes me a little bit nervous, but mostly just thankful and eager to see how it will be. An adventure of some sort I’m sure. It will mean more learning, training….probably less sleep too ;)

Last week, I picked up the book Desperate by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson- such a perfect book for me in this season of life. It reminded me to treasure these days- see the beauty in the mundane-and keep seeking the Lord in my life day to day. Through the ups and downs. Through the tantrums, messes, and hours spent playing trains with Leland. It’s not in vain.

“A mother, living well in her God-ordained role, is of great beauty and inestimable value to the future of any generation. Her impact is irreplaceable and necessary to the spiritual formation of children who will be the adults of history to come…

Because God wants us to better understand Him as a parent in our own lives, He created us to be stewards of our children so that we could be involved in their great kingdom work of building real people into godly adults. His design was to engage us in His work, and through that work, He shapes us into His own image along the way. The process of cultivating our children into excellent, healthy, and strong adults requires someone willing to put in hours, days, weeks, months, and years of diligence and endurance.” Sally Clarkson

Today is the launch of the book Desperate- you can check out the website here:  It blessed me and gave me encouragement to keep going, keep my eyes fixed on Christ and remember that the little things I do every day really do matter. I hope you are encouraged too! Much love!



You’re going to be a wonderful mother.. All over again. :)

I always am so encouraged by your posts! You will do great, I had my second in September…it took me a couple of weeks to adjust and now I can’t imagine life without 2. :)

that book sounds wonderful. thank you for the reccomendation.


Awuh Leland is just way too cute! I adore his beanie and puffy vest. So adorable! I hope God continues to encourage you as you’re about to embark on a new journey. May He bless you. I know you’ll do great tho! xx | Natalia.

I love Sally Clarkson. I’ll definitely be checking that book out…thanks for the info on it!

You will be a wonderful mama…once the second one comes, you will adapt to two schedules and then you’ll think, “what did I do when I had just one?!” :)


You’ll be truely blessed with “two” of “them” boys!!! You’ll ‘wanna pull you’re hair out, you’ll smile with laughter, you’ll cry to see new beginnings, that they experience!! And that feeling won’t stop when they grow up!!! I still feel that way for Jay….and now Leland and our new gift on the way!! Guess you all are gonna triple my blessings, tears, and smiles!!! Can’t wait!!! Love Ya Terra (Mage)

I found this post very very heartening – I am so tempted to grumble at the mundane, which is really the majority of life! Each moment of life is something we can live for Him, and I need that reminder every day – not as a mother, but as someone with an illness. You are a great encouragement :-)


Thank you for the encouragement, Kristin! :)


Thank you for the encouragement, Danielle! Blessings!


Thank you so much Natalia! :) xo!


Thanks Kassi! Thats a huge encouragement! :)


Thank you so much Elisha! :)

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