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sweet summertime.

Summer is here! Maybe not officially, but it sure feels like it! These days are full and long but full of joy. My toddler and newborn are by far God’s greatest blessings in my life. Other than Jay, of course. ;) They do keep me busy! (Moms of multiple kids, I applaud you!) That being said, I’ve been really learning how to manage my time lately. I never work when the little ones are awake- work comes when they are either asleep, napping, or Jay has them. I’m learning to really prioritize and obviously, my little ones are my main priority and purpose. We move in just a few weeks so any extra time I have is being put towards packing, etc. I’m so excited! Not to mention, right after we move we’ll be going on vacation- woo!! Also, very excited to share some sessions and such on here soon. But for now, my husband is getting home from a late baseball game and I’m going to go spend some much needed time with him! Much love.


Glad you’re enjoying these summer days, my dear! And how nice that you get to go on vacation after the move! I bet that’s going to make the packing and unpacking better since you’ll have that to look forward to. hehe :)


How did I miss this? Where are you moving to?!


That is the “sweetest” picture of Beau !!!!! Love it!! and love you all too! Terra

You’re so sweet, Arielle! Love how relaxed you two are in that photo. Hopefully you can get everything squared away for the move and vacation. Lots going on but I’m sure that vacation will be much appreciated when you get there.


Thanks for the encouragement Emily! Hope you are having a great summer!

Britney T

Lovely photos, as usual! I will be moving soon also, so I know how you feel (minus juggling the two little ones as well). Good luck :)

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