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time is love.

This summer has been a little crazy, and really good. Leland and Beau are both asleep as I type this and it’s raining outside. It is going to be a laid back kind of day (the kind I love)  …at least until I drive to Louisville later for a meeting. :) We are finally settled into our new house even though there are still boxes yet to be unpacked. Painting is done, deck is re-stained, old wallpaper being taken off is in the process, and crown molding gets installed this week! Lots has been going on, but it’s been such a fun process. Not to mention, it is so nice to have a yard for Leland to run around in!

This summer I’ve taken on less work since I knew that we would be moving and Beau was going to be just a couple months old. What a good decision that was! I am so glad I made that decision. Regardless of finances or whatever…having that time is so worth it. (Kind of like Josh Turner’s song says….time is love. It really is!) As I’ve been going about my days, scheduling and all, there is a verse that is always brought to mind. It’s about the story of Martha and Mary. Mary was simply sitting at Jesus’ feet, while Martha was busy running around, “distracted by much serving.” Jesus says to her “Martha, martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”  (verse 42) Am I too busy in my day to day life to not sit and be still? Obviously, with two little ones it’s hard to just sit and be still….like, ever. But that verse is just a reminder to me that God does not call me to run around aimlessly busy but to focus on Him and to keep the main thing…the main thing.

Anywho, before the two boys wake up I might as well try to get ready for the day or something! ;) I can’t wait to share some recent sessions and weddings on here soon (really soon…) My website will also be updated soon! Much love!


I love those rainy days, too!

We’ve also had a low-key summer with our two little ones. Trying to enjoy my time with them and not get distracted by all that needs to be done. Thank you for the reminder. :)

YES! Arielle- did you see my post on Mary? Ah. So perfect.

So glad to have found your blog! I’m a blogger in Cincinnati and just stumbled upon your blog. I love your work and am excited to follow along. :)

Thank you for sharing this. It is such a good reminder. My husband and I just bought our first house (AHH!)- and it has been a little crazy. Had a little issue in the house that has kept us from being able to move in, so we are currently living with my sister (who is amazing for letting us crash for a bit). With all that said, my quiet time and just resting in Him and focusing on Him has been much distracted. I can feel the unrest in my soul when I don’t find that time with Him. Must make it happen, even amidst this craziness. Thanks for the encouragement to do so. :)


Needed this reminder of Mary and Martha… Thank you!

Arielle elyse

Hi my name is Arielle elyse I just found you while looking up myself on the web:)

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