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on being a young mom.

Being a young mom, at times, can be really challenging. Honestly, being a mom in general can just be challenging (can I get an amen?!) I’ve learned a lot from having kids young…I’ve seen people stare at the grocery store (especially when Leland throws a tantrum) ;) and sometimes people ask why we had kids right away. Yes, we had kids young. I’m 23 so it’s not that young but ok- it’s not old either. Maybe being because a mom is underrated these days- while careers are being overrated it seems. Did I finish college? No. Did I get a degree? No. But, I think I’m doing alright. After we got married, we didn’t first save money…then buy a house….then get pregnant. Nope! We were married four (very short) months, lived in a one bedroom apartment, and I was in cosmetology school. Then we got pregnant. Bah-bam! Talk about a total surprise and turn in our plans. Not exactly the way we thought we we’re heading as a couple. But do you know what? God has shaped me, molded me and changed me more in these past three years that ever before.

love being a young mom. Life is full and always changing and this is such a beautiful season in our lives. Loving on these two little boys day in and day out is a blessing and I never want to take it for granted. My days are full of purpose- knowing that I am spending my days investing into little ones who will and can one day make a difference in this world is huge. Knowing that I am teaching them and trying my best to show them Jesus’ love so that one day they can do the same is such a wonderful feeling. Sure, it can be tiring at times…but I know that my time with them is worth it all. Really, we could have had it all together and THEN had kids. But obviously there is never the “perfect” or “right” time. God obviously has time in His hands. So, instead of shying away- I will be proud to be a mom- and a young mom at that. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



I love this Arielle! God doesn’t make mistakes and He has obviously created something beautiful in your motherhood! His ways really are best! I think there are a lot more young moms coming up! A lot of us (me included) want to be young moms too, but God hasn’t allowed it for whatever reason. It is the noblest of jobs! Thanks for being a great example of what that looks like!

I was a young mom, too. My first {who is now 35} was born 14 months after our wedding. I loved growing up with my children. Bless you and your boys!

We got married when I was 23 and had our first baby when I was 24. Now my oldest is 6 and we have 4 awesome little sweeties. Wouldn’t trade having them young for anything. It can be tough but worth it.

I don’t have any children yet Arielle but reading your posts with your boys makes me so excited for his stage when it happens for me. I make no plans though because God has it all in control and his timing is perfect x

What a beautiful post, spoken by a true mom. Only a mom could understand everything you mention in this post! I am not a very young mom but I was the first in my group of friends to become a mom – and I know how you feel.. But we have no regrets and we wouldn’t change being parents to our little angel ever!
Well done on being a fabulous mama x

God’s plan and his timing are so much more important than social conventions of how long you should wait or how old you should be- these things are different throughout history and the world but God is the same throughout:) Being a mum is hard but I don’t think being young makes it necessarily harder- remembering to count those moments is definitely important!

I love your posts like this. Your heart is so beautiful and I think you’re a great example.

Beautifully said!

Thankyou for writing about this. When we consider if we should have babies young, younger than our peers, I fear the possible ridicule. And if I were to only imagine that, I would always wait till the ‘respectable’ late twenties. But, to invest in precious living babies, it is a priviledge, and I like how you remind a ‘put it off’ society of the beauty in it.

Such a great post! I can definitely relate.
I fell pregnant at 17. I am now 20 and Mother to a perfect little two year old and I could not imagine my life being any other way. Being a young Mother has certainly been difficult .. and there seems to be an endless flow of judgemental people to question my decisions, but I can honestly say that becoming a Mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I had my first baby at age 24. I thought maybe you would discuss the challenges of friendship — so many of the moms whose kids are my kids’ age are in their 40’s. It’s tough! We don’t share things in common as much. Maybe it’s just like that in our town/circle of friends.


I can relate to you in so many ways. I got married at nineteen a little over four years ago. We had our first child about a year later when I was 20 and our second was born in December of 2012. I’m very happy with where I am in my life. Raising children is hard work at any age but I feel that being a young mom has so many pros rather than cons.

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