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at the pumpkin patch.

Is it just me or did summer fly by? I feel like with moving and having a baby and all…this summer went by so fast. Almost too fast. But now, autumn is here and I am going to take it all in. We went to a pumpkin patch the other day which Leland absolutely loved. These are the kinds of things you dream about doing when you have kids. Going to a pumpkin patch…cutting down a Christmas tree (haha which we totally don’t do)…but those sort of things. Having a toddler makes everything so much fun (for the most part…maybe minus the tantrums.) We are able to do all of those things we did as kids all over again and I totally love it. It’s so awesome to go through life with little ones who are discovering and learning everything around them. Wh0 think some of the smallest things, are the greatest. Love it!!

I think Leland wanted to pick up every pumpkin that he saw ;)



we were just talking about going to a pumpkin patch or apple picking this weekend, thanks for the inspiration:)

p.s. my parents always made us go and cut down our tree, and it’s really not as romantic as it sounds. it was always freezing cold, the tree had too much sap and it would take too long to tie it to the roof.

Beautiful pictures! I wish we lived closer so you could take some sweet photos of my family. :)

That first picture of Leland has me picturing him as a teen! He looks so grown up there. Love the Dad/Beau picture. So sweet and of course all the other gorgeousness of the others. :)

Hey! I stumbled across your blog from Pinterest and could hardly believe your name! My name is Ariel Elyse, and I’ve found both names are kind of rare… So I was pretty excited when I saw your name. :) Anyway, how do you pronounce your first name? Mine is Air-E-el.

Your family photos always make me smile! :) Thanks for being a source of beauty and grace on the internet.

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