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always today.

i found this printed and taped in my journal from 2008. i didn’t write it (not sure who did) but absolutely love it…


“maybe someday, i will quit. maybe someday, i will burn out. maybe someday,

i will throw in the towel and recognize that what is impossible cannot be accomplished.

but not today.

maybe someday i will concede to popular opinion. maybe i will see the side of the

complacent majority. maybe i will realize that there’s no way that God would ask these

hard things of me and make such amazing promises. maybe someday i will find Him just

as safe and uninteresting as His alleged followers.

but it won’t be today.

today i will live, and love my Jesus, and shout to the sky how much He means to me.

i will rejoice in His love, i will embrace His truth, i will run after Him, dance to the melody

of grace, and give Him glory for every moment! i will be obsessed in His kingdom, entranced

by His light, filled with His love, and consumed with His passion.

because it is always today, and never someday.


I love this Arielle, thanks for sharing :) I hope you and your little family have a fabulous week.

Oh I love this–thank you for sharing! :)


Beautiful! a good monday morning read :)


Precious Moments – you could have written this – it is how I (and I’m sure many others) see you live your life . . . what a blessing you are! love and miss you . . .

Such inspiring words! I really love the line, “it’s always today and never someday.” What a perfect way to say it! :) Happy Monday!

so beautiful. thanks for sharing, Arielle! :)

beautiful! thanks for sharing. hope all is well arielle!


BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for this lovely reminder :)

Wow. Love it.

Thanks for sharing!

wow- i love this! writing it down in my journal. this is the perfect quote for those rainy/tough/mundane days.

beautiful! thank you for sharing with us.

These are beautiful words! Thanks for sharing

wow, i needed to read that. Such an amazing and encouraging read :)!

I love this post, incredibly heart-warming and inspiring. . . thank you so much for sharing this! :-)

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