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spring is almost here!

Officially, spring is here but I don’t think the weather really knows what it’s supposed to do! One day it’s 70 and the next day it’s snowing. It is going to snow on Tuesday but after that I know that warm weather will be here to stay…right?!? With each snow I tell Jay “but this will be the last one!” but so far I’ve been wrong :) We are so ready (as I’m sure you are) for spring days…visiting the park, going on walks, and warm sunshine. I’m ready to see all things new again and be inspired (the end of winter kind of seems to be not so inspirational) ;) ¬†Anyway….come on Spring, we’re ready for you!!

This picture was taken a couple weeks ago…around 11/12 weeks! :)



The boys are growing up so fast! i can’t wait to find out if ur having a boy or girl next!

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