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christmas portraits.

Before Christmas, I wanted to take a few portraits of my little ones so we could give them to parents/grandparents as gifts. My sweet boys never ever seem to hold still these days, so I was so excited to have gotten a couple! These kids keep me busy-  but they sure do bring a lot of joy!

 Beau! He is the sweetest and cuddliest little boy ever.

Leland! Full of energy (lots of energy) …loves to talk, and is definitely the responsible big brother.

And Regan! Love her so much too.

…my attempt at all three of them which, quite frankly, looks hilarious because Reagan looks super uncomfortable- haha!


Oh my goodness. Beau is such a little cutie!! And Leland is so handsome! He’s got the heartbreaker look down already! haha! :) And Reagan’s cheeks are the best. Just the best. ^_^ Love these photos and those kiddos! <3

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