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reagan: four months!

Reagan turned four months old a few days ago- four months old! I can’t believe it. She is growing like a weed! Leland is still her BFF and absolutely loves to sing with her and make her smile constantly. Sometimes I still find myself saying “hi little man” or “hi big guy” when I pick her up- haha! Horrible, I know but I am so used to saying that to the boys! :) She smiles so much and still loves to talk. I’m trying to soak this all up and enjoy every bit of it. With Leland and Beau I couldn’t wait for their next “milestone” but this time around, I can wait :) Pretty soon she’ll start eating cereal and I’m sure she will looove it. She started to roll over this past weekend too, my goodness. This is going a little too fast- time, please slow down!


So beautiful. :)


I’m from germany and I looove your blog!
Can’t write so much, because I am not good at it (in english).

Best wishes!

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