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These pictures are not perfect but that’s what I love about them!! I love these three so much and they were kind enough (ha!) to let me take a few pictures of them together. ;) The boys seem to be getting sweeter the older they get. Last night, Leland told me he was going to take me to the ‘Prince Ball’ (whatever that is- sounds cool!) He came into my room first thing this morning and told me he needed to buy me green sparkly shoes because we were going to this prince ball. Haha! These are the sort of things they come up with on a daily basis and I love it. All of the frustrations and tantrums make up for the times when Beau is (constantly) asking where I am or when Leland calls me a princess. And Reagan, well…her little smile with those big cheeks gets me every time. Love ’em!

…Beau doesn’t look so sure about this picture taking thing….

…Beau, grabbing a chocolate I gave him so that he’d hold still, Leland’s just not into it, and Reagan- ha! ms. cheeks :)

…brotherly love ;)


Oh oh oh, the cuteness!

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