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to everything there is a season.

This past weekend I had my last wedding. My last wedding for an indefinite amount of time. It is bittersweet but I am ready to give my kids the attention and love that they need from me. Jay and I have decided that it’s best to take a break, to focus on the kids right now, as they are all little and take a lot of energy :) My oldest probably has adhd or ocd (or both) so he takes extra time, extra love, extra patience. (Which makes him extra awesome, of course.) The busier I am and the more stressed I am- the more I notice how he acts out, etc.

They will only be little once- this is all I get- I won’t get a re-do. I am sure when I look back in life I won’t be saying “If only I would have taken more weddings….” No, I think the opposite is true during this time. That means no magazine features, no recognition- but to be honest I have already experienced all of that and “it’s all meaningless under the sun.” haha, but really….it’s great but it’s not everything. To everything there is a season, and during this season I’m putting my focus on raising my kids.

I want to take this time and stage of my life to really focus on being their mom, to not have a divided heart while they’re at home. Instead of editing and emailing while Leland is at preschool, I’ll be devoting that time to reading and spending one on one time with Beau. Instead of late night editing, I’ll actually be putting my kids to bed- telling them stories, praying with them.
My website will remain active, I’m sure I will do photos here and there, you’ll see some posts from my sessions this past year and of course I will be blogging (even if blogging isn’t a thing anymore- I still love it!) In the meantime, my business is put on pause while I focus on this gift of being a mom to three little ones who mean so much to me! xo.


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