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joy in motherhood.

Growing up, it wasn’t necessarily my number one dream to be a mom. I mean, I babysat growing up and liked kids but I was just a different type of person I guess. So when we got pregnant with Leland three months after being married, my world was shaken to the core. I will never forget it, I was completely shocked. Since then, of course, things have changed and I would never change the way things happened. Staying at home with Leland when I was 20-21 while my peers were away at college was so interesting…I wrestled with it a lot. I matured and grew and God shaped me (Jay and I both.) Now, I am so grateful to stay home with these three and I find it a joy but it wasn’t always this way!

Now I wake up to these three, everyday, and everyday I find it a privilege and a joy- I really do. Being there mom is a full time job- no doubt about it. It’s work but it’s beautiful. It’s hard but its rewarding. It can be frustrating but it is also so fun. I’m soaking up these days while I can, because they really do go so quickly :)


 “Remember that the consequences of mothering well are truly great. You have this opportunity to ingrain love, righteousness, and faith into the very depths of your children’s souls. Such potential influence is in your hands. God’s Spirit will give wind to your wings and He will bless you as you embrace these ideals for His glory.” Sarah Mae


It may not have always been the case but you are one amazing mama now, and so excited for your precious bundle on the way – they are lucky kiddies x

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